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4 tips that help against hair loss – Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

by wikihunters.com

The temperatures drop and the leaves are whirling from the trees. Yes, autumn is really in the country now. Have you also noticed that you lose more hair during this season? Fancy more tells you how that comes and what you can do to prevent hair loss.

Less sunlight, less strong hair

Some people lose more hair in the autumn than usual. Sounds crazy, but this phenomenon is perfectly explained. Have you ever heard of melatonin ? Well, this hormone is responsible for our hair growth cycle . It becomes more active with a lot of sunlight. In the spring and summer your hair grows faster and is firmer.

At the beginning of the fall the days become shorter and this hormone gas will take back . Your hair becomes more porous, grows less and falls out faster . Do not panic when you have a full brush with hair in your hands. It is important to give your hair an extra boost during the autumn and winter and to use the right products .

Bye bye hair loss!

A healthy lifestyle is the secret of beautiful hair. Feel like more will give you some tips to reduce hair loss to a minimum:

  • Eat healthy and varied: a balanced diet helps you stop hair loss. Choose ingredients with sufficient protein and minerals. Put shellfish, fish, dairy products and soy on the menu. Zinc is also very important. You will find that in, for example, oysters and cheese. We advise you to limit coffee, tea and alcohol. These substances counteract the absorption of zinc. Drink plenty of water and choose for a supplement of vitamin B complex or iron.
  • Use the right products: the importance of your hair products on the health of your hair is not to be underestimated. Ask your hairdresser about what type of hair you have and which product fits. By the autumn we advise you to make your hair firmer and more resilient. You do that with the Head & Shoulders shampoo Dik & Sterk.
  • Avoid stress: stress is bad for your health, for your scalp and hair. Try to relax after a busy day. Yoga or breathing exercises help you with this. Meditation reduces stress and restores the hormonal balance. Give your scalp a regular massage. Make small circular movements along the hairline and continue downwards. Does wonders!.
  • Go to bed on time: you need at least five hours of sleep per night, preferably more naturally. 😉 When you sleep, your hair gets the time to regain strength. That’s important, because the skin and hair cells renew themselves during sleep. Did you know that dull hair could be the result of a lack of sleep? So soon get into your bed on time.

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