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Yacon syrup extract side effects

What are the side effects of yacon syrup? First of all, let’s go back to the “soluble fiber” thing. Yacon can really help you if you’re constipated, but it might also increase the number of bowel movements you make. And if you regularly suffer from diarrhea or your stools are loose, yacon may not be right for you.
In medical studies, regular levels of yacon (one teaspoon with meals, three times a day) were not found to cause side effects. However, higher doses could lead to gassiness, flatulence and occasionally nausea and cramps.
Yacon is related to the sunflower, so if you have an existing allergy to sunflower seeds or oil, don’t take it.
Also if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before you take yacon.


So it appears that the benefits of yacon extract outweigh the side effects.

It’s a natural, organic weight-loss product

You don’t need to count calories: you can take yacon alongside your meals, or incorporate it into your food preparation
Because it works with your existing diet, you won’t find yourself going hungry
It’s naturally low in calories and packed with prebiotics that feed the “good” or “skinny” bacteria in your intestines.
It speeds up your metabolism, moderates insulin levels and also reduces quantities of “hunger hormone” BASICALLY, IT HELPS YOU REDUCE YOUR APPETITE AND MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT – IT COULD ALSO HELP THOSE SUFFERING DIABETES

  • It can help your liver inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol
  • It’s a form of soluble fiber and can improve the pain of constipation

Where can I buy Yacon syrup in the USA?

If you’re looking to make that dieting breakthrough that’ll see you get the body shape you really want, you’ve probably already read about the amazing results dieters have achieved by taking Yacon syrup. You’re probably asking yourself: “Where can i buy yacon syrup?”. It’s available online here: http://yaconsyrup-reviews.org/.
This totally natural product, which comes from the roots of a plant indigenous to the Andes, is a low-calorie food that helps promote “good” bacteria in your intestine and therefore helps you maintain a healthy weight. It can also help you beat food cravings, counteract blood-sugar imbalances and even out irregular bowel movements.


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