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A winter perfume for women, how do you choose that?

Fancy a nice perfume for this winter? Tips to make the right choice in function of the place and the occasion.


In the coldest months of the year, the most intoxicating perfumes are generally the most sought after. These are perfumes that give you a feeling of warmth and intimacy, which compensates for the cold atmosphere of winter.

Carrying a perfume is very important. If you are the kind of person who feels naked when you forget to put on perfume before you go out in the evening, you get some suggestions to find out a winter perfume that suits your character!

Which winter perfume for women do you choose?

For the creation of perfume, the choice of essential oils plays the most important role. For summer perfumes, fresher and lighter scents (such as blossoms or scents of citrus fruits) and extracts of herbs or wood for winter perfumes are sought because they come across as warmer and more intense.

Tip: many people stay true to one and the same perfume all year round (and that can be a summer perfume that they even use throughout the winter). Rather than at all costs to follow the fashion trends, you should especially choose a perfume which you like the most and which you most comfortable.

Choose a customized winter perfume

To choose a winter perfume for women, go to a perfumery to try out all kinds of perfumes.

Go there earlier in the morning: at the end of the day, your sense of smell is less pure because of the pollution and all odors that have sniffed up your nose during the course of the day. Apply a little perfume to your wrists. Keep in mind that the scent of perfume changes as soon as it comes into contact with the skin, and that a perfume happens differently to one person than to the other because everyone has their own personal scent.

Tip: Do not try more than three perfumes at once, because afterwards it becomes difficult to separate the odors. Leave the store and do a round so that the perfume can adapt to your skin and so that the ‘note de tête’ of your perfume (the fragrance that you first catch when you apply perfume) is slightly weakened. Another solution might be that after each test of a perfume you put a little bit of cinnamon in some water, because cinnamon has the property to remove odors.

Choose your winter perfume … depending on the location and the occasion!

You have to pay special attention when choosing a perfume that you want to wear at work. If you take a pretty strong perfume, do not use it much so that it stays subtle. Nothing is more annoying than attending a meeting and bothering your colleagues with a pronounced perfume. Remember also that you only perfume once! One or two sprays at the bottom of the neck that you spread with the inside of your wrist to behind your ears.

For a romantic dinner, on the other hand, you can easily apply fruit and wood smells that create an intimate and sensual atmosphere.

And of course you choose everyday your favorite perfume without hesitation: that gives you a good and safe feeling.

Once you have chosen your ideal perfume, think about your household linen: with Lenor fabric softeners you have the choice of irresistible smells like cherry blossoms and peony!


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