Wash your hair every day? Or is not it?


This is the real story. Disgusting as it sounds, your body separates fats and cellular waste from your skin and hair. No wonder we use shampoo? Sebum (the fats and cellular waste) does have the important function to moisturize your hair and skin and make it watertight. Without sebum, your skin can dry out and premature peel, causing new cells to defy the elements. Unfortunately, the accumulation of sebum results in a greasy scalp and haircut. And in our Western culture that is not immediately an option. Unless you are not among the people for a week, you have to keep sebum under control.

How do you know if you should wash your hair daily or not?

Take a stern hair and ask the following questions. Is it damaged? Is it dry? Is it dull? Do I have mèches? Then your daily washing is not recommended. But if your scalp begins to look greasy towards the end of the evening (from the day you have washed it in the morning), your hair has no volume and falls flat, your daily washing is necessary.

If your hair looks greasy within 24 hours after washing.

Then you are certainly a good candidate to wash it every day but try the following trick: first do a conditioner or conditioner on the lowest third of your hair (if you have greasy hair, do not use a conditioner on your hair roots because it will make her heavier). Then apply shampoo to the hair roots without first rinsing the conditioner and letting it foam. Rinse well. Your hair roots are not flat and they are lively while the rest of your head still maintains a beautiful shine.

Dirty hair camouflaging, that’s how you do it.

This way you maximize the shelf life of your brushing. There are countless ways to make your hair look fresh up to 3 to 6 days after the shampooing. Dirty hair – sob! – is really easier to style. Here are four ways to delay washing your not too fresh hair.

  1. Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the partner in crime for every woman who leads a busy life. It gives volume and clogs the hair roots of the hair that urgently needs a wash and an extra color. Women with dark hair prefer a colored formula to avoid the hair roots appear lighter than the rest of the hair. Do not forget to comb the product well before you start to style your hair.
  2. Camouflage with a braid. Mini braids are a very good way to mask greasy hair roots or curls on the hairline. Because you can determine how tight they are (the more curls, the tighter or firmer the braid should be), they can give your hairline a neat look while the other hair strands remain loose in the background and create a hippie chic effect.
  3. A touch of Jersey Shore. A small footstool in the front gives volume to soft locks of hair and hides how unsettling your hair may be. With hair pins you can fix the foot well in an X on the crown of your head. Pretend it is the chignon of the eve; it is less dramatic than an evening haircut but gives volume and is sexy.
  4. Try a high dot. It looks very elegant in combination with a somewhat formal outfit and a daring eye makeup or striking lips. It seems simple but can also be tricky. The lack of effort that you have done for your hair must be compensated elsewhere. If you do not feel ready to make an extra effort in terms of make-up or clothing (thanks to those cocktails from the night before), it might be better to go for one of the other looks.

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