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Tourist Places in Kasargod with Pictures

1.Bekal fort

BEKAL FORT - Tourist Places in Kasargod with Photos


Bekal fort in Kasargod district is the largest fort in Kerela. The fort is about 130 ft height and covers an area of 40 acres.It is fully built in laterite material in a circular structure.It was designed according the defense requirements of 16th century.The three-fourth exterior of the fort is covered with sea. The holes in the outer walls, the observation tower, the zigzag entrance and the trenches around the fort are the fine examples of defense strategy of the century.

In ancient days it was under the Kadampa dynasty and later under the Kolathiri Rajas. Later Tippu Sultan captured this fort in the late 18th century.Now the fort is managed by archaeological department of the Government of India.

A hynuman Temple and a Mosque is built very nearer to the fort shows the religious harmony of the ancient culture.

2.Chandragiri Fort

CHANDRAGIRI FORT - Tourist Places in kasargod

The Chandragiri fort located in Kasargod District of Kerala was built in the 17th century.The fort is a part of chain of forts located near the river Payaswini.It lies about 150 feet high over the sea level and covers an area of 7 acres. The fort is now in ruins.

3.Ananthapura Lake Temple

ANANTHAPURA LAKE TEMPLE - Tourist Places in kasargod

Ananthapura Lake Temple was finely structured in the mid of the lake of 302 feet during ninth Century.

Another attraction to the lake Temple is a Crocodile, Babia. It is believed that the Babia is the messenger and the gate keeper of the Temple.

4.Malom – “The Coorg of Kerala”


Malom is a hilly village in Kasargod district, Kerala.It is locally referred as Coorg since it is the entrance to the Coorg forest of Karnataka.the main attraction of the Malom kottancheri Hills, Maruthom thattu, Malom wildlife (Kerala – Karnataka reserve forest), Hilly view point paddy, monsoon streams and scared grooves, koolom temple and muslim teyyam, chytravahini river and green villages.

5.Kottancheri Hills

KOTTANCHERI HILLS - Tourist Places in kasargod

Kottancheri Hills is a beautiful rain forest in Kasargod district, Kerala. The place is 30 km’s north-east of Kanhangad. It is known for trekking and can be defined as Trekkers Delight.


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