The global communication is increasing day by day and it is a known fact that the common language of communication for people all over the world is English. The language is native to the land of England. The language had become popular due to the colonization by the British in various parts of the world during early times. Further, the trends in the USA and its global influence led to the spread of the language. Being the language spoken by most number of people, the demand for people who can understand English is very high. Most of the knowledge and information related to technological and scientific subjects is in English because of which it has become a requisite for the experts in this field to learn the language. Moreover, hospitality industries like in the case of hotels and health industries like in the case of nursing, encounters people coming from different nations and cultures , hence a common language like English is needed to eliminate the difficulty in understanding due to the cultural differences. The Spoken English Whatsapp group links takes you to whatsapp groups that contain all information, study materials, etc related to speaking the English language

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