Music has a wonderful effect on the minds and emotions of human beings. Enjoying music is a wonderful ability possessed by the human beings .Making music and song is not easy. It requires days of deep thought to write a song or compose a concept of music and even more number of trials and errors to bring the song to a total completion. The music directors have a natural talent to impart the feeling to the song with the help of the music instruments. It has been scientifically proven that certain types of music or songs can help alleviate depression or enhance the mood of the listener. The music industry has undergone a huge development as there are a vast variety of songs to choose from. Music is also regarded as a form of art and can also be used to represent a culture’s idea or ethics. Music and songs are used for many purposes like religious ceremonies, marriages and competitions apart from their role in media. The music and songs whatsapp group links in this website takes you to groups that contain all the information, updates, reviews, suggestions and feedback with respect to the latest music and songs

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