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Top iOS Apps to Help You Stay Organized

Staying organized is undoubtedly the key to a productive and successful workday. Therefore, it’s smart to use special apps on your Apple device that will help you plan your daily activities in the most efficient manner. You know, there’re tons of tools you can add to your iOS gadget to manage the email inbox, balance your books, take notes, etc. Read about the top solutions right here and use them to keep yourself perfectly organized.


Keep your whole day in order

Schedule Planner (Free)

This awesome app will help you stay on top of your personal long-term schedule. To achieve future goals, you have to make sure your days are well-organized. With Schedule Planner, you will have an easier time focusing on what needs to be done today. Plus, the app provides you with a bunch of additional tools that will help you spend time more wisely.

Keep your notes in order

Evernote (Free)

There’s no better tool to keep your notes conveniently organized than Evernote. Of course, you could use paper notebooks, but with a digital solution like that, paper simply won’t cut it. Evernote is a fantastic note-taking app that gives business users lots of freedom in terms of recording notes (manually or by voice) as well as arranging them.

Keep your papers organized

Shoeboxed (Free for Shoeboxed subscribers)

And with Shoeboxed, you’ll be able to keep your bills, receipts, and other important financial documents under control. The app makes the process of sorting through papers much more manageable. You can upload multiple paper documents by just snapping a picture of them. The app also helps you create an easily searchable database of all transactions.


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