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Belonging to coastal regions of the South East in India , Andhra Pradesh was the first state of its kind to become a state that  separated on the basis of language. The state was once popular for its Buddhist heritage due to the presence of vast number of Buddhist temples and the teaching of various Buddhist scriptures that was prevalent in the state. The state had one of the most prominent mining centres and the diamonds like the Kohinoor was in demand and famous all over the world for its quality. The state of Andhra Pradesh produces the highest yield of rice crops in India and it was called as the rice bowl of India. The people of Andhra Pradesh are a part of the ancient Indian history and owe their lineage to the sage Viswamitra who is a character in the ancient Indian epics. The Tollywood film industry is a part of Andhra Pradesh’s developing culture and the film industry ranks second in terms of its size. The people of Andhra Pradesh have accepted modernization to a certain extent and they have a friendly attitude towards others. The Andhra Pradesh whatsapp group links takes you to whatsapp groups that contain updates about the latest events, news and information regarding the conditions in Andhra Pradesh

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