Tips to Swing Your Best Golf


At the end its all about putting the ball in the hole and you should be perfect in that, though the techniques are not so simple but not so difficult too. What the players usually do is that they copy the style from the shot in which they were successful in putting the ball in the whole and that’s where they make a mistake as all you have to do is original and should not even copy your previous styles Each situation is unique and so should be your every technique.

Below we have mentioned some best tips which would improve your efficiency to hit the ball in the hole:

1) Shot with the Left hand

To put the ball here you don’t actually need a force as you use to hit it up from the starting point rather here you should use more of your left stand and keep the right hand gentle. Try practicing the game from this point just by holding the golf driver by your single left hand as measure the accurate force you need to put in. Though the left hand is the direction hand but it is equally responsible for making the successful shots.

2) Don’t perform the back swings in rush

Most of the golfers become overconfident about their back swing speed and perform it in rush which leads to a very bad shot. The back swing should have a proper gap of time to gain the force to hit The ball far away. To perform it perfectly you should count the timing. For example: As soon as you pull the back swing start counting one, two and then after a pause of two seconds hit the shot and see the ball flying in the air.

3) Identify your weakness

If you sweating hard improving the great techniques of golf in which you are good at and ignoring your weakness, then my friend you are actually doing nothing as the profit from the hard work is being neglected due to the ignorance of the mistakes. Identify your weakness and mistakes and first practice on them so that you don’t repeat them again and then focus on your other techniques.

4) Cub face Control

Clubface control is the most important thing which makes a good player, a very great player and a very good player, a professional player. Some player just opens it too much in the backswing or keep it the same in downswing and that what affects’ their shots at a great level

To avoid making mistakes here, twist your bottom hand so that it keeps away from you during the backswing and keep same away for the whole swing period.

There are also other points like power and other techniques to look on but these techniques as compared to them are quite complicated and we recommend you to become perfect at these techniques before hand to easily put the ball in hole.

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