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Tips to choose watches suitable with your clothes

Watches just like jewelry, hats, handbags, shoes, belts, glasses … are regarded as one of the indispensable accessories of those who like fashion. Today, watches with many colors, designs and materials has apostion like a decorating things than a tool to measure time. Connoisseurs know how to combine watch designs with clothes, that show their manners, attitude and personality.


Below are some ways to match right wristwatch with your costume:

– When wearing a skirt, you should wear watch with silver or gold band and glass surface. With this you can join in the parties or social meetings. You should not were electronic watch or digital watch.
– Watches with leather bands with electronic/dial face are appropriate for daily communication, casual costumes. Or you can choose the sports watches for convenience.
– You can use sports watches for your active style as jogging shorts, large T-shirts and loose trousers…. These watches can be waterproof and electronic dial, ensures for activities and workout.
– You can also coordinate watch color with color of your dress, skirt. That helps you look more stylish and attractive.
– Be careful when combining watches with your fashion. Watches with dark colors are being combined with different clothes, on the contrary, watches with bright color are appealing and not easy to control.

– Men should wear watches with black bands, combine with black or gray suit. With brown suit, should choose watches with brown bands. Likewise, watches with metal band should be combined with light-colored or white suit.

Small tips to you

– Always have 3 style watches in your closet: stype for parties, style for normal day, style for sporty and waterproof.
– Make sure your watches are not too old and worn-out. In that case, you should change a new band or get watch face spuced up if the machine of the watch is still in good condition.
– There is no need to buy expensive watches, but make sure they are good and not harmful to your health.
– If you can, you can choose to buy high-grade watch brands like Hugo Boss, Fendi, Tag Heuer, Lacoste, Nixon, Wenger, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.


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