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Tips to choose watches suitable to you

Below are Tips help you to choose best watches suitable to you:


I. What kind of watches suitable to your stature?

You are tall and slender with round wrist: Choose watches with round face, leather/metal band

You are tall with big wrist-bone: Choose watches with square face, leather band or small stainless steel band which looks better on your hand

You stature is small, round wrist: Watches with round face, leather band or small stainless steel band is the most beautiful.

You are tall with large wrist: Looking for the large size watches, large face, Hour-hands, large leather strap or large stainless steel band.

You are robust: Looking for the kinds of sports, personalized watches.

II. What kinds of watches suitable to my skin?

Light color skin: You wear watches with dark face, or watches with dark brown leather straps or white stainless steel band. If you prefer plated color, choose watches with light face and deep plated color.

Your skin is dark or hairy wrist: Choose the watches with light face. It will look better with plated band and case.

III. About my Personality

You are romantic and dreamy: Choose watches which look tender, light. The sample of watches with attached stones are also suit to you. Besides, you can select watches with a bit different styles to create a new excitement for yourselves.

You are practical: Looking for polite, elegant watches with clear and even simple hand prints on dial.

You likes to explore and find a new change: Originality is your favorite word, so the samples of unique, original, personalized even strange watches will fit you.

You are spontaneous, funny and approachable: Lovely, elegant watches are suitable to you.

IV. How about your job?

You do office work/you are teacher: You are gracious, from words to things. Polite, elegant watches always appeal you.

You do business, or have to communicate with business partners: Super Premium and Luxury Watches are suitable to you. Elegance and distinction wil make your partners respect you.

You do the technical work, sports: Choose a little complex, a bit larger and a bit strange watch.

You are an artist/ artist or a composer: A strange watch, not like anyone will make you enjoy it.

You do financial/monetary work: Looking for the gold-plated watches, this make you more prosperous and luckier.


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