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Tips for getting Bank Loan Approved

In any market there are ups and downs; periods when buying cost-effective alternative to, with periods when the high probability of losses. credit market is not an exception – for most types of loans have their own “velvet season”. “Kredity.ru” found out what time of year is best to arrange a loan, depending on the funding objectives. found out what time of year is best to arrange a loan, depending on the financing of the goals.


Winter: borrowed the car and gifts

January is characterized by the traditional lull in the credit market: first, around the end of December, and almost half of January the country celebrates the New Year, and second, in January usually come into force the laws passed by the Duma in the fall – including those relating to banking. standby credit, analyzing the market, decide on the revision of interest rates; active work with borrowers reduced briefly, because it is first necessary to define the rules for next year.

But borrowers no one bothers to “strike while the iron in place.” Winter – not the best time for a mortgage, it is because in January is not often weighted average interest rates, the withdrawal of the consumer hysteria offers cheap and easy to market: they say, a good apartment in general soon They are over. In this situation, the temptation is high to grab the first loan available in more unfavorable conditions – only to give, and quickly buy what appeared.

It is a well know people, with a view to buying a car, and so carefully watching car loans seasonal offers, with a variety of discounts and bonuses. For example, the zero rate if you take the previous year car model (the bank interest lender of the manufacturer or the dealer).
Winter – the best time to process this type of loans. First, seasonal promotions on car loans usually start at the end of the year, and continued during the first months of the new year. Second, when you make a car loan in the winter, you can buy a car in a quiet off-season: Autumn boom in demand in the auto market ended and spring has not started yet. Thus, in showrooms turn less, and it happens that the prices below …

But at the same time, winter is really a time “gold” for POS-loans, or, as they are often called, express loans to be drawn directly into the point of sale. And the demand and loans of classic raw materials, and instant credit cards, trade, some of the banks with the tray “in large shopping centers.

Spring: solve the housing problem

With the onset of spring, you can think about the mortgage. First, by this time, “shake down” the issue of interest rates. Even if they grow in January, as often happens in the following months until the beginning of the summer, will remain virtually unchanged. And you can carefully select the best conditions among the programs on the market.
Summer: chinimsya, learn, travel …

In summer, there is the traditional decline in activity in the offices and state institutions, as citizens go on vacation and are going on vacation. But bank officials “roll up their sleeves”: holiday season increases the demand on the target consumer credits. sellers are loans for repairs and travel. Credit “catch a wave” and often offer special programs for the “tourists” and “reparative”.

As a rule, the trip offer short-term loans (for a period of 6-12 months) together with the associated travel agencies, for repairs – target loans consumption for a period of 12-24 months. Interest rates, however, are at the average level, while in “high season”, with an increased demand for a specific loan, the bank can offer benefits and interest. Often they relate to the already credited in the bank or client a payroll.

Autumn: lend long term

Autumn again “pops” topic mortgages – those who did not receive a loan in the spring, in a hurry to even make it to the end of the year, despite the usual seasonal increase in house prices and interest rates. Moreover, the banks announced the increase in the price of loans, sometimes make an attractive offer: if the borrower to get a loan in a given period of time, then get it to the old rate, more favorable.

So you can win those who will carry out close monitoring of mortgage deals.

But perhaps the most successful type of Autumn loans – is consumer loans for any purpose, for a period of 36-60 months. The fact that the fall “all buy everything”, although the holidays are still far. At this time, traditionally, they are introduced to new computer software and hardware, electronic appliances, a new collection of clothing (including fur coats, which are often bought on credit), furniture, etc. In addition, the clairvoyant people to buy tickets in advance and pay for trips, if you wish

for the New Year break abroad.
And the banks in anticipation of the new fiscal year, you need a “reserve” for new borrowers, so that consumer loans are advertised actively. During this period, it generally offers the largest “plug” at the rates and credit conditions, a variety of benefits and bonuses, then you can choose to enjoy the ideal program. And often, the choice is made in favor of the loan, which is given longer but cheaper.

Autumn – is also a traditional time for weddings and pay a big party on the loan is quite convenient. Some banks, once again, the development of a special “wedding offers.”

loans out of season loans out of season

It’s the last. There are loans that can be called out of season or throughout the year. These include business loans, as the company throughout the year may require the purchase of equipment, new office rent, working capital, etc. The money that entrepreneurs looking for start-up, and are not tied to the seasons. Finally, MFIs with its ultra-fast transmission time and return as well as small amounts of loans themselves are “in the wings” 12 months of the year.

So the best time for credit, the extent depends on the goals you set for yourself


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