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Tips for buying a best baby monitor

Imagine coming home from the hospital with your new baby – you’re beaming with joy but the two of you are exhausted from the time spent in the hospital (trust me – both dad and mom will be exhausted). Time to put the baby down and turn on that video baby monitor so you can watch your new bundle of joy fade off to sleep while the two of you watch in amazement and doze off to sleep yourself.


But wait – you can barely see the baby on the screen! Or the speaker hisses and makes all sorts of strange noises due to interference with other electronic devices in your home! Arggh- now I’ll never get any sleep with this sort of monitor!

Here’s a list of the 4 most important features to consider when purchasing (or registering) for a video monitor for your baby, which will help you avoid any sort of frustration once the baby arrives:

  1. Clarity of Picture – seeing your baby clearly is by far the most important feature. This  means the monitor system needs to have a descent camera to point at the baby, and you have a good monitor to watch it on. A clear picture of your baby gives you the comfort and peace of mind that your baby is ok no matter what is going on in your house. It can get quite loud with friends and family stopping by to see the baby, or if you already have kids you know it can be loud. This is why a video monitor is so much better than a regular audio monitor because sometimes its tough to hear over the noise in the house.
  2. Clarity of Audio – As you dose off to sleep the last thing you need is the sound of hissing or interference coming through the speaker. You need SLEEP – and only need to wake if/when the baby needs you. Every second of sleep is precious, do not waste time trying to nod off over interference coming through the speaker. You want a system that sounds clear and crisp with no interference.
  3. Night Vision – unless you intend on leaving the lights bright in your baby’s room you should make sure your video monitor has a night vision/infrared camera. This way you can use just a nightlight in your baby’s room keeping it comfortably dark, but allow you to see clearly on your end. Most video monitors on the market offer this feature but its important to double check.
  4. Range – a monitor will do you no good if you have a large house and the signal can’t reach the entire house from the baby’s room. Just like your wireless internet – your video monitor will only broadcast a signal so far. Most manufacturers publish the range of the monitor but it is always recommended to test this in your own home just to be safe.

I highly recommend you test your video monitor prior to the baby arriving and test all of these features.  Focus on these core features first, worry about the other features like temperature gauges and adding multiple cameras later.  For an extensive list of video monitors check out baby monitor category at Amazon.in and read the reviews of the consumers to help you choose the best monitor for you.


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