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Things you should know when using watches

I. Things you should know when using watches

Below are things you should avoid when using your watches

  1. Do not use or put your watch in magnetic places
  2. Always wash your watch with warm water immediately after swimming in the sea (for diving watches)
  3. Avoid your watches being pumped, make sure not to wear watch when playing sports, of course, there is no need to do it if your watch is sport watch.
  4. Always check the condition of the button of the watch. In the process of using, this button may be clung to thread of clothes or may be impacted by other things which make this button is pulled out.
  5. Every week, you should clean your watch with warm water and with soap to remove the dirt and salt which is made by sweating. The dirt and salt madeby sweating is the cause make water come into the watch.
  6. Do not use watch with chemicals which damage band, cases as well as other things of the watch.
  7. Do not put the watch in place with high temperature that exceeds 60 degree or lower O degree.
  8. For multi-functional watches, do not press the buttons while in the water.

II. Frequently Asked Questions

I have just bought a watch for some month, but it stop working. I sent it to the service center, it is said for the battery has run out. So I wonder why the new battery of the watch has run out soon? It is related to the quality?

For electronic watch, battery can be used from 2 ½ years to 3 years. However, when manufacturing watches, the battery was be put into the watch, this is better for the watch, and make watch work better. The the watch will be completed with fitting other things like dial, case, band, etc, the the watches will be packed, transfer into the warehouse, then watches will be delivered to retail agents, etc.
Therefore, the battery life can not be calculated from the time of purchasing, but the time of manufacturing. If the battery of watch runs out, carry your watch to the service center to replace the battery.

Why water-resistant watches should not be bathed in the sea?

When swimming in the sea, sand and salt water will get into the slots in the glass of the watch/button. When the sea water dried, sea salt and sand will remain in nipple of the watch, which create large interstice, make water come into watch. So do not wear a watch when swimming, if you wear it, remember to clean with warm water and soap.
When swimming, you see the water come into the watch, bring your watch immediately to the nearest service center to make clear the salt water or your watch will be broken down.
I hope that these above information are useful to you and help you keep your watch in good condition for a long time. At last, I wish you a happy day.


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