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Super mario sluggers help with unlocking characters

Now some characters are hard to unlock because they are hard to find. So the point of the Challenge mode is to get all the baseball players and defeat Bowser and his team. It’s not easy when you have to try and beat them in baseball. So I’ll tell you how to get some of the rare things.


Unlocking Blooper

So there’s blooper, you have to have peach to unlock him. You go to the dock in Mario stadium with peach. Then you’ll see something in the water making it move then go to it with peach and press A and use your power and blooper will come out, remember be at the left side at the very end of the dock. So Blooper will want to challenge you in a mini baseball game. If you pass it, you get Blooper!!

Unlocking Petey Piranha

So you have to be peach and go to peach’s garden and go to an empty flower pot surrounded with plants passed the mushroom maze. So if you go to the flower pot with peach press A and use your power then Petey will come out and challenge you to a baseball mini game. If you pass you get him.

What to do with the characters you unlock

You start out with certain characters in the whole game, so you can do challenge mode and unlock characters. You will have to unlock the people you already have, because you start out with only Mario in challenge mode so you have to unlock them to make a team so you can try to beat bowser. If you unlock all the characters in one place then it will be in your records on the game.

If you have all the characters in one place you can also play a baseball game against them, you can not use the characters that are in the place your going against.The higher the level or harder they are the more coins you get if you win. So if you do them on the easiest level you won’t get that much coins if you win. If you make them on the hardest level you will get a lot of coins if you win.

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