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Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe

I decided to make stuffed green peppers after a coworker had brought some for her dinner one night.  They looked so good and smelled even better, so I decided to research some different recipes.  There are a ton of different ways to make these, but since it was my first time making them, I chose the basic recipe.  I found the recipe on Skinnytaste, but had to make three adjustments: I used ground beef instead of ground turkey, jasmine rice instead of brown rice, and green peppers instead of sweet red bell peppers, simply because I didn’t want to make a trip to the store.  I’d love to try these with ground turkey, but would definitely tweak the recipe a bit more towards my taste (like this one, also from Skinnytaste).

Ingredients (ground beef not shown)

This recipe was extremely easy to make, not that I was expecting otherwise. I imagine this could be a quick, healthy meal to make while the kids are running around playing, working on homework, or doing chores. It doesn’t take very long to complete all the prep work–I’d say I spent about 20 minutes preparing and cooking the ground beef before popping them in the oven. One note that I do want to make is that I boiled a cup of water and dissolved a chicken flavored bouillon cube in it to make the chicken broth, instead of opening a can of broth and only needing a portion of it.

While I enjoyed these stuffed green peppers, I did feel they were missing something. I topped mine with some salsa and a dollop of sour cream, thinking that was it, but it wasn’t. The peppers were very soft, which wasn’t really what I was wanting. I wanted them to have just a little bit of crunch left, but that didn’t absolutely ruin them for me. They were still very delicious, despite the minor issues I had with them. I will definitely make these again in the future.


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