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Soothe Mosquito Bites The Natural and Organic way

Well summer is upon us now and that means more outside activity. Which can lead to nasty mosquito bites. which can lead to bumpy itchy irritated skin. Well here are a few ways to soothe those biets. You do not have to use over priced products on your skin. You probably have some of these items in your home. Taking care of your skin in a natural and organic fashion. Will put your mind at ease instead of wondering what you are placing on your skin.


1. Baking Soda will take the itch out, of your skin from a sunburn and also cool the skin. But did you know this same product can be used to soothe sun burned skin as well You have the option of take a a half, cup of it and placing in a tub of water to soak your whole body, or maybe take a couple teaspoons of water and make a paste and place on the affected area. Leave paste on for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse off.

2. Make Tea Tree Oil is a great, natural and organic remedy to take the sting out of any kind of bug bite. This natural oil has a wonderful fresh scent to it as well. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THIS OIL AROUND PETS!!!. There are different strengths of it, as some people have sensitive skin. Here is a great way to make a natural and organic spray for your skin to relieve mosquito bites. Get a spray bottle a small one fill with water an then add 6 drops of tea tree oil. Spray this solution on the area where the bug bites are. Enjoy your summer


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