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How do you renew the wardrobe?

Fancy a few tricks to take a good look at your wardrobe? With our practical tips you will save time to efficiently order your wardrobe!


The time has come: the summer is over. It is getting fresher and the weather is unpredictable, especially in autumn. It is time to renew wardrobe . But sometimes it is difficult to sort everything: you have to take into account a balanced look of your clothes, their seasonality and that we are really attached to some pieces, especially the creations of our favorite fashion designer ! Fortunately there is practical and smart advice to help you renew your wardrobe in no time! With the time you save on this, could you perfect your look with a new hair color ?

Renewing your wardrobe: everything starts with sorting!

It is time to pick up your warm clothes and empty the cupboards. Get rid of the T-shirts, shorts and sandals! We get jackets, wool tops and why not the hats up again. This great cleaning is also a perfect opportunity to introduce other colors in your wardrobe .

You will of course have to make room in your wardrobe for the supply of jackets and vests. That also means that you sort all your stuff and decide what you want to keep and what not. The job will be easier if you have enough time for it. It is never easy to sort clothes for an entire year: for example, book a Saturday afternoon. You could also include a second sorting with a friend who can help you with a fresh look and an objective opinion. In any case, you need two things to bring your sorting session to a successful conclusion: a large mirror and good lighting.

In order to put together a new wardrobe in an efficient way , you make piles. Concentrate first of all on the clothes that you absolutely want to keep: clothes that fit this season in terms of color, fabric and motif. When they belong to an ensemble, you also keep the other pieces, but you apply the same reasoning. Now you’re done with the pile of stuff you want to keep.

Every year the fashion designers unveil their new collections worldwide. The fashion films from New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong are always long-awaited events that also help you to see what is absolutely ‘so last season’ or definitely ‘passé’ and what you can best do without modeblunder in the coming months to be. The defilés are useful when sorting your wardrobe: some colors only last for one season (fluorescent yellow …), while gray or black are never out of fashion.

Summer is traditionally synonymous with bright, intense colors: grass green, sky blue, purple or yellow. For a new wardrobe you have to keep in mind the seasonality of the colors. For the fall you go beyond the classic green, gold or rust color. Look at the trends and colors that are fashionable, for example emerald green, dark indigo or duck blue. And do not forget your accessories!

Questions that you can not ignore for a new wardrobe

This is a handy list of questions that you systematically ask yourself to sort efficiently. There you go, for a new wardrobe !

  • Am I really attached to this garment?
  • Is it okay?
  • Is it still in fashion this season?
  • Do I need another garment to complete an outfit with this garment? (Which means you have to ask yourself the first two questions again!)
  • On which stack do I put it: throw away / give away or wash / adjust?

Once you have sorted it is time to fill the wardrobe. For that you organize the winter clothes according to ensemble and color. You have to store your summer clothes now, but not before you have carefully tagged them. And of course you have to wash them first (nobody wants to find clothes with a stale smoke in the spring) and use a nice smelling fabric softener . Then place them in cardboard boxes that you clearly label with a highlighter. You will only see that when it gets softer outside again!

All these tips also apply to the clothes of the children. But for those of the little ones it is more important that you take into account new sizes!

And you, what is your method to renew your wardrobe?


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