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Free Photoshop in your browser with Photopea

If you want to design a picture for free or want to edit a photo, you are often assigned to free apps that are full of advertising or just do not offer enough possibilities. Fortunately, there is a website where you get a lot of possibilities for free that you would normally only find in Adobe Photoshop.



The Photopea website is a very useful website that looks very similar to Adobe Photoshop in terms of functions and design . The best thing is: it’s free and it works in your browser! The website can even handle PSD files, allowing you to import and export files in this familiar but often difficult file format.

The Photopea web application is also getting better. For example, the shortcut CTRL + Z has recently been added to undo an action – a shortcut that many Adobe users automatically use. For more information about the application you can read this post on Reddit where we found this tip ourselves.


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