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Panasonic LUMIX TS6 In Depth Review

The Panasonic Lumix TS6 is a small but tough action camera designed for outdoor adventures which is also rated 1 of the top 5 waterproof cameras as it can be used underwater up to 43 feet.


One of the key features of the TS6 which makes it stand out from other extreme sport or action cameras is that it has a great burst of speed at 10fps, which is great for shooting action and extreme sports. As well as this feature the Panasonic LUMIX TS6 has various other great features to it such as Wifi, Altimeter and Compass.

The TS6 is also tough and shockproof as it can withstand drops of over six feet, the camera also has an environmental sealing on it meaning it is protected from dust and dirt, making it the perfect camera to use outdoors.

The TS6 is a durable and compact action camera which is really easy to configure and get started with, accessing the different settings on the camera is really easy using the LCD screen.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Specs

Full Model Name: Panasonic LUMIX TS6
Manufacture: Panasonic
Resolution: 16 MP
Optical Sensor Type: CMOS
Dimensions: 2.4 x 7.8 x 5.5 inches
Batteries: Battery Pack, rechargeable
Battery Performance: 370 shots (approx)
Wifi: Yes
Shock Proof: Yes up to 6.6 ft
Freeze Proof: 14° F
Splash Proof : Yes

Price of the Panasonic LUMIX TS6

At the time of writing this review the price of the Panasonic LUMIX TS6 is $209.95, You can check out the exact price of the Panasonic LUMIX TS6 at this current time below.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Size and Design

The Panasonic LUMIX TS6 is a small, durable and compact camera with dimensions of just 2.4 x 7.8 x 5.5 inches and the camera weighing just 1.3 pounds. You can purchase the TS6 in various different colours including blue, orange, camouflaged, red and black.

The TS6 features a 3 inch LCD screen on the back of the camera which allows you to easily configure the settings as well as playback your footage, on the back of the camera there are also several buttons for different things including a button to enable/disable Wifi, a menu button and a zoom button. On the top of the camera you will find the on/off button and a shutter button as well as a GPS status indicator. Lastly on the side of the camera you will have the HDMI socket, battery and card slots as well as a lock switch.

The TS6 does have a lot of buttons and switches on the top, back and sides of the camera however these are pretty self explanatory and if you are unsure you can refer to the owners manual that comes with the camera which has a clear diagram of what each button is used for.

The Panasonic LUMIC TS6 is a highly durable camera which is also waterproof therefore you can use the camera to capture footage of all water sports and underwater activities such as snorkelling. The camera can be used underwater up to 43 feet for a maximum of 60 minutes, as well as this it is also freeze proof up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit therefore it can also be used in really cold conditions to capture footage of activities such as snowboarding and skiing.

Lastly the TS6 is also said to be tough and shockproof, Panasonic have stated that it can be dropped up to a maximum of 6.6 feet therefore if you drop the camera from a height it shouldn’t break or be damaged. The TS6 also features an environmental sealing which protects the camera from dust and dirt these features make it the perfect camera for outdoor use.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Time Lapse Shooting

One of the key features of the TS6 is time lapse shooting which enabled you to capture some really high quality footage. With time lapse mode you can leave the camera to record a stationary observation and combine the images together to produce a time lapse video.

I have seen people using the time lapse mode for various different things such as a flower coming into bloom and a house being built, therefore you can defiantly have a bit of fun with the feature.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Video and Photo Quality

The Panasonic LUMIX TS6 has excellent Video and photo quality, featuring a 16.1 MP CMOS image sensor which takes high quality footage in all environments. The TS6 has various different shooting modes and settings which includes flash, white balance settings and red eye reduction.

The camera also has image stabilization which isn’t featured on most other action cameras. Image stabilization reduces the blurring associated with the motion of a camera when taking videos or photos, this means you can even take pictures when participating in extreme sports such as surfing, skateboarding or jet skiing.

As well as excellent footage quality on land the TS6 also produces high quality footage underwater. We have tested the camera underwater up to 43 feet and all the images have come out clear and in focus, which means this camera gives you the ablity to produce high quality footage even 43 feet underwater.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Lens

The Panasonic LUMIX TS6 features a 28-128 mm F3.3 – F5.9 4.6× zoom lens. This Lens is also capable of shooting at a wide angle which means you can capture wide angled footage.

The Panasonic LUMIX TS6 also features a optical image stabilization feature which the majority of other action cameras don’t have, this feature is very useful especially when you are shooting at a lower shutter speed.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Connectivity

The Panasonic TS6 Features built in Wifi which makes it easy for you to transfer and share your photos without having to physically connect to any device. You can also use the wifi to connect to the panasonic app via the remote control, the app also makes it easy for you to transfer photos.

If you want to connect your camera to other devices this can also be done by using the HDMI port on the wide of the camera or via the USB port.

The TS6 also features built in GPS and altimeter logging which complies with the Global Navigation Satellite system to enhance detection accuracy with an increase array of satellites, this feature is really useful if you are using the camera for travelling or adventures.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Accessories

As like the majority of other action cameras, there are various mountings and accessories which you can buy that are compatible with the Panasonic LUMIX TS6, One of the most popular accessories you can buy for the camera is a underwater housing. Although the TS6 is already waterproof up to 43 feet you can in fact purchase an additional underwater housing which will increase the underwater depth to 147 feet which will allow you to take full advantage of the cameras underwater features

As well as this there are several other accessories and mountings you can buy such as a rapid travel charger which will improve the charging speed of you camera, a floating strap for underwater use which will keep the camera afloat, a extended battery replacement, a hard shell carrying case which will improve the toughness of the camera and a USB slim card which will transfer files easily and quickly. All of the accessories, housings and mounts you can buy for the TS6 are really affordable therefore you won’t have to spend a fortune on top of purchasing the camera.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Battery Life

In comparison to other action or extreme sports cameras the battery life of the Panasonic LUMIX TS6 is excellent, The camera states that a fully charged battery can take approximately 370 photos. Although just like the battery life of every camera the life of the battery will vary dependent on various different things such as whether the view finder is activated or whether you are using the flash.

Luckily the battery in the TS6 is also rechargeable and only takes around 165 minutes to fully charge. You can also purchase spare batteries, which are really cheap, Therefore if your battery runs out you can simply just replace it with a fully charged spare battery.

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Pros

  • Built in Wifi
  • Long Battery Life in Comparison to other Action Cameras
  • Image Stabilisation
  • Environmental Sealing
  • Small, Lightweight and Compact
  • Shockproof up to 6.6 ft
  • Built in GPS
  • Affordable
  • 1920 x 1080 Max Video Resolution

Panasonic LUMIX TS6 Cons

  • No Built in Viewfinder
  • No Touch Screen
  • Low Max Shutter Speed
  • No Panorama Shooting
  • No RAW Shooting
  • Camera Doesn’t Float in Water


The Panasonic LUMIX TS6 is a affordable action camera which is perfect for shooting extreme sports and action, with the camera having an environmental sealing and it being waterproof, freezeproof and shockproof it can withstand more extreme environments than most other cameras.

The TS6 also has various different settings and great features as well as built in GPS which makes it the ideal camera for almost any extreme sport or setting.

The TS6 is compact, durable and lightweight therefore is easily portable and can be taken almost anywhere. As well as this the camera is rated by us as one of the top 5 cameras to be used underwater, with it being waterproof up to a maximum of 43 feet which means you can capture high quality footage of underwater activity and water sports as well as the camera being able to produce high quality photos and videos on land.


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