How to reduce weight

How to reduce weight


The weather is changing and that means it is time to slip our feet into to boots and other closed in type shoes for the fall and winter months, Sometimes our feet sweat which can lead to embarrassing foot odor. So here are some ways to combat foot odor the natural and organic way with out harsh chemicals being placed on your feet.

1. Get container and had 1 cup of cornstarch then add for drops of peppermint oil to the cornstarch next mix up with a spoon let the mix sit over night make sure to a least mix the product for 2 minutes.  You can now use this mixture on in your shoes stockings and socks. Your feet and foot wear will thank you.

2.Good ole lemon juice is another way to fight foot odor  in a natural and organic fashion not only does this foot bath fight odor but it soften callouses and make them easier to  deal with. Prepare a foot bath or bucket with warm water then add 4 tables spoons of lemon juice to the water.

You also can use a lemon just cut the lemon in half and then squeeze the juice right into the water. Try to let your feet soak for at lest 10 minutes take this time to just sit back and relax. Once the time is up gently take a foot scrubber a slough any rough skin. You will see and feel the the difference.No harsh chemicals are needed just what Mother Nature has provided.


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