Motorola MBP33 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review


The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2.8 Inch Color LCD Screen might be the best video monitor on the market — at ANY price.  Our review digs into why this is one of the best selling and highest rated baby monitors.

For our review of the Motorola Digital Video Monitor we’ll first dig into the most important features you can have in a baby monitor:  video quality, audio quality, night vision, range, and cool features.

Video Quality

The parent handheld unit comes a large 2.8 in color LCD screen, which is great since the largest size many monitors came with for quite awhile was a 1.8 inch screen. The larger screen helps you see your baby more clearly, which is great. The quality of the video image that transmits from the camera to the monitor is nothing short of fantastic. Not only is the image quality great but we received no interference from other wireless devices in our house which can sometimes cause problems (routers/home phones/etc).

One additional feature to point out is that the signal transmitted by the camera is encrypted for added security. This means only you can see your baby. Someone close to you with this same model video monitor will not accidentally pick up sound or video from your house. Most monitors do not have this level of security.

Audio Quality

We found the audio quality to match the video quality – just great!  Motorola uses 2.4GHz FHSS technology to achieve near perfect audio quality. FHSS stands for Frequency-Hopping-Spread-Spectrum which is a way to transmit radio signals that make them tough to interfere with (for more details on this see Wikipedia for a lengthy explanation on this technology).  Just trust me, the audio quality is great.

Night Vision

Obviously this is an important factor, if you can’t see your baby sleeping in the dark then what good is a monitor? The camera unit in the baby’s room is equipped with infrared nighttime vision which allows it to see in pitch black. It transmits a black and white signal when using infrared like most other video monitors, so the picture is a little grainier but you can still see fine. The camera automatically switches to night vision mode as it gets darker so there’s nothing for you to remember to do other than to make sure its on.


The parent handheld unit has one of the longest ranges available – a whopping 590 feet unobstructed. Most monitors don’t go over 200 feet. This is a huge advantage allowing you roam around your house, yard, and maybe even the neighbors yard. It also lets alters you when it is out of range

Cool Features

This monitor is packed full of additional cool features you may have never thought of looking for in a monitor but will come in handy every day.

  • Temperature Gauge – the temperature in the baby’s room is broadcast to the parent unit so you can tell if its too hot, too cold, or just right for the baby.
  • Two Way Communication – not only can you hear and see your baby but with the intercom feature you can talk to your baby as well. This means you may be able to sooth and talk them back to sleep without having to walk into the room and disrupt them.
  • 5 Built In Lullabies – can’t sooth your baby to sleep with your voice? You can remotely play 5 different lullabies to your baby through the camera
  • Additional Camera Capability – for those of you who want to keep track of multiple rooms you can add up to 4 cameras in your house and view on up to 2 parent units (purchased separately)
  • Excellent Battery Life – the parent handheld unit comes with a rechargeable battery pack. The screen will also shut off after 15 minutes and go into audio-only mode to save battery. The video screen can be turned back on with the simple push of a button. This helps the battery last up to 5 hours. Some people report a fully charged battery will last 9 to 10 hours (not with video on the complete time) & then beeps when battery is low.
  • Can turn video off – some parents want to use their monitors as audio only at night since the video screen can be bright and interfere with the precious few hours of sleep you may get yourself. This model does allow you to turn off the video screen and use in audio mode.
  • Good for overseas travel – charger is multi-volt capable making it good for traveling overseas where voltage varies per country.


Its tough to believe but there are a few cons to this monitor

  • No belt clip for the parent/handled unit
  • Must recharge the parent unit, you can’t swap in store bought batteries
  • The camera unit in the baby’s room doesn’t have a battery, so this won’t work during a power outage

This monitor functions flawlessly and is a quality product packed with features making it worthy of 5 stars. I feel it is simply one of the best monitors on the market, I still haven’t found one that can compete with it yet. The most important aspect of a baby monitor is a clear audio and video picture, this allows you to rest and sleep without any annoying hiss that you get from most monitors.

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