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Minecraft survival help with animals and food storage

So I have a very good survival world and I have a lot of animals of every kind. I’ll tell you how to get a really good survival world with endless animals. So when you start out in your survival world DON’T kill any animals, no matter HOW much you want pork chop! Just build your house and get wood and when you mine you got to get iron to SHEER not kill sheep so you have endless wool and a bed as long as they’re alive. Don’t kill sheep for a bed unless you have a lot of sheep in your world.


The way to keep their kind from getting extinct is your crop and food. Pigs eat carrots, sheep eat wheat along with cows, chickens eat seeds, wolves and dogs eat any type of meat and ocelot eat fish. There’s probably others but don’t worry about squids, just make sure that the habitat is spawning them because there is no food that I know of that will get a squid to spawn them.

Now the way you spawn the animals is you feed them with the food I listed above to each animal. You give 1 to 2 adult animals of one kind. Make sure they are near each other, than they will have a baby animal and it will go where ever the mom goes. Remember, wolves are predators to sheep so protect sheep from wolves. I had a problem with wolves so much that I had 7 dogs and went to some sort of war with the wolves with only 2 dogs left with four more wolves spawning, we won after that.

There’s only about five to seven wolves deep in the tundra so I’m just going to befriend all of them once I get more bones so I’m prepared for more war if it happens again. Many sheep died in my world, but I have more sheep now a days. So you don’t have to do all this save the animals in the world thing right away.

So once you have a lot of animals you can put them in a fenced area or let them go free. Your world your choice. So the point of all of this is just don’t make a survival world and kill everything you see, be wise and have your endless animals in your world and a happy place.

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