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Minecraft portal enchantment and Brewing help

If you need help with these advanced minecraft things I can help. So some of the portals are mods you can get. Brewing I can easily do because I like to do it all the time when I have nothing to do. Enchanting isn’t to hard if you know it.


Portals and Portal mods

So there are only 2 portals that are in the game without mods. The nether portal and the end portal. The nether portal you make out of obsidian, 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks tall, make a rectangle shape that’s hollow and standing up. Then light it with flint and steel and the portal is done.

The end portal you make out of end portal blocks and some eyes of ender. So you build it on the ground not standing up like the nether portal. You build the same shape of the nether portal but brake all the corners, then put the eye of ender on all the blocks and if it doesn’t work keep braking the eye of ender and placing it back until it works.

I don’t know all the mods or if they’re erased so here is the one’s I know. So the Aether portal is made just like the nether portal except it’s made of glowstone and lit with a water bucket. The ice age portal you make out of snow blocks just like nether portal, and light it with some type of sow flint and steel.


Enchantment doesn’t have that much to talk about, so the way to make an enchantment table is 3 obsidian blocks, 3 diamonds and 1 book. Put the 3 obsidian on the bottom of the crafting table, the diamonds go in the second row and the book goes in the middle on the top row. Then you can enchant your stuff. To make the enchantment table more powerful is surrounding it with bookshelves. It can get really powerful.

Brewing potions

So the starter of every potion is a netherwart. Unless you want to make a mudane potion you can use multiple things to make that potion, like a fermented spider eye and magma cream. Most potions come from nether warts to make awkward potions. Awkward potions sound like weird potions but if you add the certain things to it they can become the most powerful potions in minecraft.

So you put three water bottles in the bottom three in the brewing stand. Then put a netherwart on the top of the brewing stand. Then it will start making the awkward potion. You can add like anything in the brewing inventory. So if you have a question on how to make a potion leave a comment.


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