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Minecraft pocket edition how to duplicate, still works

How to duplicate any item

So you must have two or more people on the same server and look into the same chest. (You can duplicate anything that’s an item), so you click on the same item at the same time, (you might want one person to use two devices so you can get it at the same time). When both players touch the item, they both get it. WARNING, make sure that you put the items that you glitched back in the chest at a different time.


If you put them back at the same time they’ll glitch back to one, weird, right. You can do this till you have a whole stack of diamonds, when you have a large number of items, both players can just rapidly tap the items till it’s out. Just make sure one player at a time puts the items back into the chest. If you are duplicating diamonds or emerald, glitch enough to make a block, then duplicate the block so it goes even faster and more resources.

Getting a big empire

So with the glitch, all you have to have is one of something to get infant of it, so you can make an emerald world if you find one emerald. When you decide to build the city you might want some help, if you imagine giant diamond buildings it’s harder than you think. It’s still totally possible,  but I have an easy way to make a building. Get a lot of stacks of the material your making the building out of, and you duplicate ladders till you have the amount of how high your building is. Then make the base of the building and go around the base and put blocks on top of of the base and keep getting higher, but remember to put ladders often.

Getting a powerful army

You now how I said you can duplicate anything, diamond swords work also. Weaponry is able to duplicate, which means you can have a lot of diamond swords by just having one. If you have trouble fighting skeletons and enemies duplicating wood be perfect. You can build walls around the city and maybe even a battle arena. You can play with your friends and be the guards of the city, fun right. You can even go to war and take over caves and mountains!

Have fun with the duplication, it may come in handy.


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