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Tips to buy watch for Men you should know

Everyday, many questions about watch are mentioned but there are 2 problems which the customers need to solve first is:


1. What is your purpose when buying watches?

Depending on where you go to, who you meet, or you simply want to express your personality, you should choose one suitable to you.

+ If you regularly have to meet partners, always wear shiny suits or shirt, so the round simple and classical watch with metal band is the perfect choice for you. It show that you are strong, decisive and combined with masculine iron wires is an the perfect choice for your visit. It will show that you are strong, determined and experienced. If you’re a little bit older, you can choose yellow color. Young people can choose white watch with leather, fashioned. That make you look pretty luxurious and elegant.

+ If you love sports, and you are active, you want to go out or meet friends, watch with leather band, or rubber band and detailed surface is not a bad choice. These watches are not only resistant to shock and water resistant but also very useful with many supporting features such as stop-watch, glowing in the night,etc, so you can express your own personality. This is an indispensable accessory for the young people, today.

+ If you are simple, polite, purchasing watches is only to know time, convenient for work, travel and going out, then you can look for watch with metal or leather band and simple surface such as Tissot or Longines or even the new Casio MTP. It looks very polite. And the price is also quite reasonable.

2. How much can You pay for a watch?

Sometimes the distance between likes and suitability is a big gap. About the likes, I like many watches, which are luxurious such as Omega or Rolex. But with limited budget, then you only know how to choose watches suit your pocket but is beautiful. Here I do not refer to the watches can cost thousands dollars, because if you can buy these watches, you can buy what you want, here I mention watches under one thousand dollars:

+ Less than $150: At this price, the buyer needs is the watch is cheap and has good quality. Buying watches is simply to know time. With this budget, you can consider kinds of watch like Casio BEM – MTP, Fossil or fashion watches like Timex, D&G, etc.

+ From $150 – $300 : With a budget like this, you can select beautiful watch with good quality. The brands can be listed as: Seiko (International models), Citizen, Orient – If you want the polite watch and it make you look mature, you can choose Casio Edifice, Swatch, Wenger, Luminox – with more youthful sample but not less polite.

+ More than $300: This is the segment that buyers actually have an interest in watches then. Here, you have countless different options. I can summarize such as:
– Japanese made: Seiko (JDM models), Citizen Signature line, Orient Star line, Casio Oceanus line
– Swiss made: (so many!) Tissot, Lognines, VictorInox, Bremont, Alpina, Fortis, Steinhart, Mido, Rado, Edox, Epos, Oris, Frederique Constant, Marvin, Prometheus, Raven, Itanoy, Chr.Ward, Xetum, Raymond Weil…
– German made: Laco, Stowa, Junghans…


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