So I figured out how to get out of the map and into buildings on the Lego Marvel game, it’s really easy. All you need is a character named Wasp and the mini character perk.

So you go to a flat space like the streets and fly right above ground and pause the game and pause the game and put mini characters on and right when you get back to the game you stop flying and you will be falling from under the city then fly once you are under the city and if you come up under a building you will be in it, you can also go out of the map if you are really far under the city.

It’s pretty cool I do it all the time when I play the game. If you have trouble trying to get the mini character perk I know another way how to do it. You get the hydra tank and one person goes in the gun part and the other person bees a big character and picks up the hydra tank and throws it and the person in the gun seat will have an 80% chance to fall out of the world in the gun seat get out quickly and fly where ever you want to go.