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Left 4 dead how to be the tank

So when you’re playing the zombies, you have to do a level where the tank is in it. If you do the last level of any chapter, the least amount of times you can be the tank is 3 times, sometimes a tank is in the level before the hordes which means you get to be a tank 4 times.


So you’ll know when you’re tank because the tank music comes on and a tank picture will pop up on your screen and will automatically spawn as the tank in a few seconds. Make sure you spawn with your other zombie because when you’re the tank your zombie you were will go on its own and help you take down your enemy survivors.

You will have to stay in control by hitting zombies and survivors or throwing logs and rocks at them. If you lose control of your tank you do not get to be the tank anymore and you return to normal zombies, but the tank will be computer controlled (Good friend to kill survivors with).


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