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Left 4 dead hints to be a good witch hunter

I know some fun ways to hunt witches, and have a good chance of you not dying.


Hint- always have a flaming grenade, assault rifles or shot gun. When your going to kill the witch, always reload your gun, especially your shot gun, if you have to reload after you shoot the witch that is not going to end well.

Hint- You can not outrun a witch.

So to take down the witch, you get the flaming grenade and throw it in front of her, she will get caught on fire, and run through the fire getting hurt then shoot her with your shot gun or assault rifles as much as you can till she dies. If she hits you down shoot her with your pistol as fast as you can too, she will eventually die. Kill the witch with players that are willing to help you up and heal you. Computer controlled players will heal you and help you up.

Hint-Don’t startle the witch with your light, ALWAYS have your light off when you hear a witch, startle her with your flaming grenade.

If you do this way to kill all the witches in the level, you will get witch hunter.

Hint- shot guns and snipers are good for hunting witches because they dish out a lot of damage.

Hope you have fun hunting.


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