Kodak pixpro SP360 Review


The Kodak Pixpro SP360 is a camera which is geared up for action and extreme sports however as you can probably tell by the size and shape of it, its not your typical camera.

The Kodak Pixpro SP360 features a 360º curved lens resulting it being the worlds first ever 360 degree action camera which is capable of taking photos or videos in circular 360º view. The camera is a small box shaped gadget that is shockproof and splash proof.

Despite the Kodak Pixpro SP360 being so small and compact it can actually produce really high quality photos and videos as it is equipped with a 16MP MOS sensor. The camera also features various different viewing modes in order to capture multiple vantage points of whatever you love doing such as extreme sports action, adventures or travelling.

The Kodak Pixpro SP360 is also compatible with a 360 remote viewer app via Wifi which can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices which gives you the ablity to control and view the footage which you record on you camera. The 360 remote viewer app is really simple to use and get started with and allows you to flcik between different viewing options, stop and start records, take photos and so much more.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Specs

Full Model Name: Kodax PixPro SP360
Manufacture: Kodax
Resolution: 16 MP
Optical Sensor Type: MOS
Dimensions: 1.61 x 1.96 x 1.49 inches (approx)
Batteries: Power Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (Included)
Battery Performance – 160 miniutes videoing (approx)
Wifi: Yes
Shock Proof – Yes up to 2m
Freeze Proof – 14° F
Splash Proof – Yes

Price of the Kodak PixPro SP360

At the time of writing this review the price of the Kodax PixPro SP360 is $349.99, You can check out the exact price of the Kodax PixPro SP360 at this current time below.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Size and Design

The Kodax PicPro SP360 is a super compact and lightweight camera measuring just 1.6 x 2 x 1.5 inches and weighing only 3.6 ounces. As you can see from the design of the camera most of the front of the top of the camera is taken up by the wide angled lens as well as the small stereo microphone.

There are very few buttons and controls on the camera with just four buttons all together. The main button on the camera is a large circle button which allows you to start and stop recording footage, You then have a power button which can also be used to flick through the different modes of the camera and a button to enable or disable Wifi.

On the front/top of the camera is the large wide angled lens which takes up the majority of the top of the camera. There is also a removable glass cover over this lens which protects it when its not being used.

On the other side of the camera you will find a small LCD screen which allows you to set and adjust the settings on the camera and shows you the status of the camera.

On another side of the camera is two microphones, speakers as well as a memory card slot, USB port and HDMI connector. Lastly on the bottom of the camera you have the battery slot.

The SP360 is designed to be an action camera therefore has some pretty good attributes, its shockproof up to 2 metres and freeze proof up to 14F. The camera is also splash proof however not waterproof at least not with any extra casing. If you want to take footage underwater then you can purchase waterproof housing for the camera which enables you to use the camera underwater up to 60 metres.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Editing Software

The Kodax software is fairly limited however the Kodax PixPro SP360 does actually come with its own software although no documentation about the software comes with the camera so it probably will take you a while to play around and figure it all out.

Compared to other camera software the Kodax editing software it limited however it does have all the basic features such as being able to cut video clips, speed up or slow down the time in a video and re-save video files in different geometrical orientations.

The SP360 software can also be used as a remote viewfinder for your camera so that you can view what your camera is seeing live.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Video and Photo Quality

The Kodax PixPro SP360 has the ablity to produce really high quality, sharp photos and videos. Featuring a 16MP sensor and a 214 degree wide angled lens that can shoot 360 degree horizontal panoramas.

The 16MP sensor can record videos up to Full HD 1080 at 30 FPS (Frames per second) As you probably know The main feature of the camera is that it has the ablity to record videos and take photos at 360 degrees, however in order to produce high quality 360 degree photos you will need to use the highest resolution on the camera which is 1:1 format at 30fps.

Also its important to be aware that the 360 degree photos and videos are made up of two 2880 x 2880p video streams which are put together, There is some free software that can be downloaded from the Kodak website that allows you to stitch these two video streams together which will ensure maximum output resolution is realised, considering this the footage that the camera produces is really sharp and high quality as you can see in the sample 360 footage below.

The SP360 is geared up for taking high quality action videos however the action camera does go beyond this by also capturing high quality 360 photos as well as videos. The Kodax software also allows users to select individual frames from a HD video and save them as high resolution photos which is a great tool as it allows you to video a whole experience and then cut individual frames out of it to use as photos.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Smartphone App

The Kodax PixPro SP360 is compatible to a PixPro SP360 smartphone app which can be downloaded on Android and IOS phones. Connecting your Camera up to the app is really easy, all you will need to do is ensure your phone is connected to Wifi and press the Wifi button on your SP360 camera, You will then be asked to enter your cameras code (located by the battery)

By connecting your SP360 up to this app you will be able to extend the functions of your camera, you will find 7 unfold modes on the app and various video adjustment settings such as view mode and FOV. By playing around with these functions and settings you will be able to maximise the use of the cameras wide angled lens.

You can also use your smartphone as a remote control for your camera and on the screen of your smartphone you will see what you camera sees live, which can be really useful considering the camera doesn’t have a viewfinder.

Kodax PixPro SP360 Mounting and Accessories

With the majority of action cameras you need to buy accessories and mounting separately, however luckily with the Kodax PixPro SP360 all the most used accessories and mounts are included when you purchase the camera.

With the SP360 you will get standard housing, curved and flat adhesive mounts, bar mount, L-Type bracket mount and adhesive mount, Square Double sided Adhesive and a Suction cup Mount.

Although the Kodax PixPro SP360 includes all the basic accessories there are various other accessories and mounts that are compatible with the camera which you can purchase to improve the potential of your action camera.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Battery Life

The battery life of the Kodax PixPro is approximately 160 minutes however this is dependent on various different things such as shooting modes and wifi. Considering how small and powerful the camera is the battery life isn’t too bad.

At the bottom of the camera you will find a removable cover for the battery slot, here you can replace the battery. Luckily the batteries are rechargeable and can either be charged in the camera or taken out and charged with an external charger.

You can pick up extra batteries for the SP360 at only around $10 therefore if one battery runs out and you still want to use the camera you can simply take out the battery and replace it with a charged battery.

Kodak PixPro SP360 Pros

  • Built in Wifi
  • Highly compatible
  • Produces High quality Videos and Photos
  • Comes with a box of Accessroeis
  • Small, Lightweight and Compact
  • Durable
  • Amazing 360 degree footage can be produced
  • Really good Value for money

Kodak PixPro SP360 Cons

  • Wifi is enabled automatically when you turn the camera on
  • App can be glitchy
  • Takes practise to use and produce high quality footage from
  • Kodax Software is limited


The Kodax PicPro SP360 is a small, compact and lightweight action camera which has a lot of great features and can produce some really high quality, sharp 360 degree footage.

The SP360 is also splash proof and shock proof without having to put it in any special case or mounts resulting in it being the perfect durable camera for all sorts of action.

Another advantage to The Kodax PixPro SP360 is that it is highly compatible with a lot of features and accessories available meaning that you can use the camera for all sorts of things from adventures to extreme sports. You can even purchase a waterproof housing for the SP360 which will make the camera waterproof up to 60 metres so that you can record water sports or underwater footage at 360 degrees.

We feel that the SP360 is reasonable priced and affordable, especially in comparison to some of the other action cameras on the market.

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