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Know your personality through your watches

As usual, many people do not pay attention to accessories like watches, glasses, pens, etc. But some psychologists assert that the kind of your watches in some in some ways show your personality and your style.


Expensive watches

You are the person who spend a lot of time to your work. This also shows that you are unique and gain successes in your work and life.

Hi-tech watches

For those who feel life is not interesting if there is no kind of high-tech watches which include great features like weather forecast, embedded calculator, notebook are intelligent, dynamic persons. They also prefer variety, difficult tasks and want to go ahead of time.

Jewelry watches

If you like watches which are stylized as the luxury jewelry, so you are the person who love to communicate, hospitable, like exchanges and always want to make new friends.

Fashion watches

If your watches have name or logo of the famous designer, it proves that you are the person who do not only have modern looks of life but are also the luxurious person and like to put everything in the right place.

Unique watches

Some people really like watches have strange designs with several faces, gears inside the watch face, with lots of knobs, buttons, etc. These are often optimist, easy laughing persons and they also like games of chance and are not ready to parting with childhood personality.

Watches with Roman numerals

If you wear these watches then you surely like to eat at fancy expensive restaurants, like listening to classical music and seriously costumes. You are also the punctual person and very rarely late for appointments.

No number watches

People around are hard to put pressure on you because you have ability of logical thinking, creativity and you always understands what you wants to receive from life.
You are the dynamic, creative person, and love exploring and researching. You always think of new ideas and have strange decisions. You prefer the simplicity and convenience in all things.

You don’t like wearing watches

Those who are not dependent on the watches are the persons are easygoing, adaptable to life and love activities. These people often do not have time to idle because they always find a lot of work to do. They are the persons who also find out the best and simple solution although it may not be the fastest one.


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