How to identify Original Casio watches and fake/replica watches


Up to dates, Casio watches have firm position in customers’ mind with the blend of style, personality and technology. Another point which makes customers satisfy is its solid, durability. However, alongside the popularity of the brand of Casio watches, fake Casio watches is one of problems the customers care. I hope that these following guides helps you identify Original Casio watches and fake/replica watches:

1. The price

Just using google to search for the price of Casio Watch online you want to buy, you will know the price of the watch. If any shops online reduce the price too much (example 50%-60%), you have to doubt about this. There is a proverb “You get what you pay for”. Of course, in some cases, the fakes/replicas can be good if you are lucky.

2. Choose the place many customers have trusted and highly appreciated.

There are many results of shops online you can search. Among those, Amazon is one of reputable online stores you should try. Make sure to check good/positive comments or feed backs related to products, delivery, warranty, etc.

3. Check the model number.

Just check the model number at the back of the watch and at the back of the box of the watch.

4. Warranty card

Nowadays, shopping at the commercial doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to buy the original Casio watch. So what should we do? The simple way is to buy the reputable shop and you must check the warranty card. This is one of way you can consider you buy the original or not, check carefully Warranty Information.

5. User guide

Always check if the model numbers match those featured on the case back of watch you buy, especially check if there are any errors in logos, spacing, dates, spelling.

6. Check the serial number

For the original, “Limited edition Casio watches have a serial number that can be found on the caseback”
Some video let you know how to identify the original casio and fake/replica watches:

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