What do you do against hair loss?- Tips to control hair loss


Fancy combating hair loss? These are the solutions to better understand and prevent hair loss in an efficient way!

Caring for beautiful summer hair is a good idea, for example to make a herringbone braid , but if we determine hair loss , we have something else on our mind! To counteract hair loss , we must first understand what makes our hair so fragile to be able to cope better. Fancy more gives explanations and advice so that we know what we can do to combat hair loss .

To understand hair loss?

Hair loss can occur due to various factors. To begin with, the gradual breakdown of the hair is normal and natural: we lose 100 to 150 hairs per year, especially when it is hot. Yet it is possible that we lose a lot of hair abnormally. That could be explained by health problems, a medicine that we have to take on prescription from the doctor, stress (which is often overlooked) or hormonal fluctuations. There are also often problems with hair loss in people whose thyroid gland is disrupted or with a shortage of iron or vitamin D. That is why we should also pay attention to our diet!

Stop hair loss: what can you do?

To know how to counteract hair loss , we need to consult a specialist, because each case is unique. Usually doctors prescribe vitamins for hair loss in order to strengthen the hair and prevent dropout. They often use, for example, hair straighteners and hair dryers, because they damage the hair in the long run.

Causes of hair loss

Despite its incredible power, the hair can also break. This usually happens during cutting, but can also be caused by other factors such as exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Minerals can also damage hair, such as minerals in color solutions. The haircuts should be avoided when the hair is wet or damp, because that makes the hair 15 times more fragile and works hair loss in the hand.

Prevent hair loss

Anyway, we must first make the towel dry before we can start coiffing. It is also advisable to use a conditioner and a comb with long teeth instead of a hairbrush to avoid breaking off the hair. And of course we have to use the right products, such as Pantene’s hair loss products , specially designed to protect hair from hair loss and breakage.

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