Home Beauty Tips What can you do against greasy hair?

What can you do against greasy hair?

Fancy a cure for oily hair? With these practical tips you will learn how you can treat and even get rid of fat hair!


What can you do against greasy hair?

Maybe we already know how we remove dandruff , but sometimes that is not enough! Especially when we have to deal with greasy hair when summer is coming and of course we want to enjoy beautiful summer hair ! But with greasy hair we can also quickly get short when we follow a few practical tips. Curious to read which?

What do you do against greasy hair?

To know how we can treat fat hair , we must first understand how the hair has become fat. It is very natural that our sebaceous glands produce sebum fat that spreads over the hair, but some people produce more tallow fat than others. That is not yet a reason for panic, because there are resources to master sebum production. For example by brushing our hair. That seems rather simple, but by brushing we spread the excess sebum on our scalp more evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair. As a result, the hair roots look less fat and the drier hair tips are better taken care of anyway!

Tips against greasy hair

Washing the hair is of course a crucial phase in oily hair . It is very simple: to know if the hair is clean, we have to check if the shampoo lathers well. As long as no bubbles appear, it means that there is still fat on the scalp and that we have to wash the hair a second time with shampoo!

How often was my hair if I had hair?

That is primarily a matter of personal preference. We recommend washing the hair at least twice a week, but nothing indicates that it is bad to wash your hair every day. So, why should not we make ourselves beautiful? The only thing important in washing the hair is that we treat our scalp well.

And to make hairwashing easier, we simply use a suitable shampoo.

And what are your tips to get rid of fat hair?


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