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Do not want to have any more greasy hair? Here are some tips to definitely say goodbye to greasy hair.

Tired of having greasy hair, and always reassuring that dandruff and hair loss are true culprits? It is all due to an excessive amount of sebum! Tallow is naturally produced by our sebaceous glands, with the primary role of hydrating our hair and scalp. Our body continuously produces these natural oils that actually encourage us to get to know small tips against greasy hair.

The good shampoo against greasy hair

The first tip against greasy hair is to buy a good shampoo, adapted to the problem. Fatty hair is often accompanied by dandruff (flakes). This therefore requires a thorough cleaning of our hair by using an efficient anti-dandruff shampoo , for a rediscovered freshness.

When we have found the right anti-dandruff shampoo, it is recommended to make a habit of treating the hair with this shampoo every 3 days. Using shampoo every day is not recommended for people with greasy hair, because the process is too aggressive and there is a risk for a reversed effect. So if we have to wait several weeks to get results, there are other small tips for greasy hair that will enhance the effect of the shampoo.

Some tips against greasy hair

  • When showering and shampooing the hair with shampoo, it is crucial not to use too hot water. Why? Hot water will activate the sebaceous glands, the small organ that is just below each hair and is responsible for the production of sebum. A lukewarm temperature is therefore much better for our scalp.
  • In the same line of reasoning it is also not recommended to treat the hair with a hair dryer or hair straightener. The temperature and the contact with hot iron strongly stimulate the sebaceous glands, which experience an aggression on the hair. If manual drying of the hair with a hair dryer is really a requirement, we prefer to use a rather lukewarm and soft air.
  • An additional tip against greasy hair is the fingertips (and not the nails!) To use for a massage of the scalp. This allows the shampoo to penetrate into the scalp while showering. We avoid small scratches that release sebum and cause dandruff. Also rubbing the hands through the hair is not a good idea if you suffer from greasy hair. This also stimulates the sebaceous glands to take action.
  • For those who tend to have faster greasy hair, even when using an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly , using a complementary dry shampoo can be a solution. Soaking the hair roots with dry shampoo and then gently brushing can make short work of greasy hair. Small tip against greasy hair: dry shampoo can be replaced by talc: it leaves no white spots and appears to be more efficient.
  • Finally, a good diet is also very important against greasy hair. Eating too greasy and too sweet can have a detrimental effect on our body, and greasy hair is part of it. All toxins, fat and sugars that are present in a certain diet can possibly cause hormonal disturbances, which again accelerate the production of sebum.

Do you also have tips for greasy hair? We like to hear that.

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