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GoPro SD Card Errors and Solutions

If you have come across this page then chances are you’re having some sort of SD card problem with your GoPro. GoPro’s are great high quality cameras however a number of GoPro users experience SD Card errors when first slotting the micro SD card into the slot.


The most common GoPro Errors are either a message saying ‘NO SD’ or ‘SD Error’ These errors mean that the GoPro camera isn’t properly ‘communicating’ with the Micro SD Card.

Here are some solutions which should resolve these GoPro SD Card Errors:

Check You Have The Correct Micro SD Card For Your GoPro

To capture high quality footage with your GoPro then its important that you buy and use a Micro SD card that works well with your particular GoPro Camera, Unfortunately none of the GoPro Cameras come with a micro SD card therefore you will need to buy this separately.

Its important to know that the GoPro Hero camera only supports up to a 32GB Micro SD Card however all other GoPro cameras support up to 64GB and the Hero 4 and Hero Session cameras all support up to 128GB, the size of memory card you buy for your GoPro is initially up to you however all three of these sizes will allow you to capture a great deal of footage before having to delete media.

Here is a list of the best micro sd cards for GoPro that we would recommend, this list is updated by us on a regular basis and all of these cards have been tested by us and have worked fine in all GoPro models. Its important that you use one of these recommended Micro SD cards in your GoPro camera otherwise this may be the cause of your SD Card error or you may experience video corruption issues when you start capturing footage on your GoPro.

Make Sure The Card Is Fully Inserted Into The Camera

This may sound obvious however its surprising the amount of GoPro SD card errors that come down to the Micro SD Card not being fully inserted into the camera, Make sure that the Micro SD card is fully inserted into the slot and is the right way round.

You may not be inserting the SD card in far enough for it to properly register on the camera, Make sure you use your fingernail to push the card in until you hear a clicking sound

If the SD Card is fully inserted, before trying anything else to fix the error try turning the camera off, taking out the SD card, waiting 10 seconds or so and reinserting the card and turning the camera back on. If you are still experiencing an error then you will need to format the SD Card as explained below.

Formatting The SD Card On Your GoPro

If the above doesn’t work then you will need to try formatting your SD Card, this will clear the SD Card of anything that it interrupting the communication between the card and the camera therefore should get rid of any errors that you are experiencing. There are two different ways to format an Micro SD Card, One you can do on the GoPro camera itself and one you will need to do using the computer. We will try formatting the card using the GoPro camera to start of with as this is more convenient.

If you have any footage on your GoPro its important to save this on your computer before formatting the card as by formatting it will delete any footage saved to the card.

To Format an SD Card you will need to navigate to the settings menu on your GoPro and then click on the trash icon which will give you the option to delete all and format your SD Card. Once this is done exit the settings menu and your GoPro should go back to the default display, if the error message doesn’t appear then this has fixed it.

Formatting The SD Card On The Computer

If your GoPro is still displaying ‘SD Card Error’ or ‘No SD’ then you will have to try formatting your SD Card using the computer, to do this you will need to have a Micro SD Card adaptor so that you can slot your Micro SD Card into the computer, one of these should have came with your Micro SD Card however if you can pick one up here for a couple of dollars.

If you don’t know how to format a Micro SD Card using the computer then you can check out my below guides:

How to Format a Micro SD Card (Windows)

One you have completed formatting the card slot it back into your GoPro and turn it on, if the display is clear from errors then you are ready to start recording footage, if not providing you have tried all the above steps there could be a problem with your SD card, I would advise trying another SD card in your GoPro or contacting the SD Card manufacturer for further help.


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