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Formatting an SD Card For GoPro Hero 4

If you are experiencing SD Card errors on your GoPro Hero 4 or are experiencing problems such as the camera freezing or the videos and audio not being in sync then chances are you will need to reformat your SD Card.


Its also important that you reformat your micro SD Card every so often to keep the camera ‘communicating’ with the card and keep it producing high quality footage. Formatting an SD Card for GoPro Hero 4 is really easy and can be done on either the camera itself of by using the computer.

Here is how you can format an SD Card for GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Please note that by formatting the SD Card it will delete all your footage of the card therefore ensure that you save any photos or videos that you want to keep.

Formatting On The GoPro

To format the Micro SD card on the GoPro camera you will need to turn the camera on using the power button on the front of the camera, you will then need to navigate through the settings using the power button until you see the gear icon on the screen.

Once the gear icon appears press the button on top of the camera once to select it, you will then need to press the power button until the trash can icon is highlighted on the screen, then press the shutter button again to select the icon.

You then need to keep pressing the power button again until the “All/Format” text is highlighted, once this is highlighted press the top shutter button once to select it, then keep pressing the power button again until “Delete” is highlighted” then press the top shutter button once to select “Delete” you should see a message on the GoPro’s LCD screen that says your SD Card is being reformatted.

Once the message disappears turn the camera off and back on again, your file count should now show ’00’ which means the card has been successfully reformatted.

Formatting On The Computer

Another way that you can format the micro SD Card for a GoPro Hero 4 is by using the computer, however to do this you will need a SD adaptor so that you can insert the Micro SD into your computer, these adaptors quite often come with a Micro SD Card however if you don”t have one you can pick up an adaptor up here for relatively cheap. To Format a Micro SD Card using the computer follow the below steps:

  1. Start of by Clicking the Start Button at the bottom left of your computer and then click on the option that says “Computer”.
  2. Insert your Micro SD Card into your Micro SD Card Adaptor and then insert this into your computers built in card reader.
  3. Once the card is plugged into your computer you will see a drive appear on the “Computer” screen, Which will usually say something along the lines of ‘SD Card (E:)’.
  4. You will then need to right click onto this drive and click on the “Format” option.
  5. You will then see another box pop up, towards the button of this box you will see some format options, make sure the “Quick Format” option is selected then click “Start”.
  6. The card should only take a couple of minutes to format, once done you will see a message pop up that says the format is complete.
  7. Formatting your Micro SD Card is now complete so you can take the card out the computer and put it back in your camera to continue using the card as normal.

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