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Tips for people with fluffy hair

Keep your hair in good condition .. easier said than done! We will give you some tips to make your life a bit more pleasant. Discover them here.


Whether we are on our way to work or heading for the city to shop , looking good is part of our routine before we go out. Read some tips and discover how you can take care of fluffy hair with the temperatures that are gradually getting colder.

Every woman has something like healthy hair that looks shiny and can be effortlessly combed on her wish list. Unfortunately, we do not always have enough time to pay a visit to the hair salon. The weather also plays a role in how your hair looks and in which state they are. Here are some simple tips on those days where an umbrella will not be enough to keep your hair in style!

Prevent fluffy hair by listening to your hairdresser!

Make it a habit at the end of your hairdressing visit to ask your hairdresser for advice. Ask, for example, how the hair can be cut best and which treatments suit the type of hair you have. If you have a good hairdresser it will be able to help you very well, so even if you suffer from frizzy hair !

Treatments made using keratin are usually the most efficient to prevent fluffy hair . However, these are only offered in hair salons and are often very expensive. If you do have some money aside for such treatment, you can count on smooth, shiny and stylish hair for three months.

Do not wash too often

If you wash your hair too often, you will extract essential moisture from your hair. This immediately increases the chance of fluffy hair . Hair specialists usually recommend to wash the hair every two days so that the natural oils present in the hair stay in balance.

Dry shampoo can be obtained in powder form, in mousse or in spray. You can use such a product if you do not have time in the morning to treat your hair and you do not want to leave the door with chaotic hair.

Treat hair with shampoo and conditioner

When buying hair products, it is important to look out for properties such as “anti-fluff” or “hydration” on the packaging. Also rinsing the hair thoroughly when washing is important to prevent dehydration. And of course our friends are still there to give advice about healthy hair .

After showering it is recommended to dry your hair carefully, because moist hair is extra fragile. So rubbing too hard can dry out your hair and make it more fragile, which gives frizzy hair . Before you start to style your hair, make sure it is completely dry. If not, your hair will absorb the styling products and you will suffer from fluffy hair.

Proper blow-drying is important

Poor blow-drying, or even leaving your hair partially wet will ensure that your hair will stand in all directions. If you decide to go to work with a hair dryer, place with the hair direction, down. Blowing against the hair direction can provide more volume, but can also cause fluffy hair . If you can, go to the hairdresser for a professional hair treatment to really enjoy.

For emergencies you can always keep a hat or scarf in your handbag (or desk drawer). Even when you wear an umbrella, a scarf can help keep your hair in fashion, and even give your outfit a trendy touch.

Treat fluffy hair with hair care products

There are of course hair serums and sprays that combat frizzy hair and protect and smooth the hair. However, these products are best used halfway through the hair, to the tips. So avoid the scalp. Bad weather is unfortunately part of our climate, so it is always a good idea to keep a hair product against fluffy hair in our handbag. Choosing such hair care products is no longer difficult!

Do you have to deal with fluffy hair? What is your solution?


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