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Fitbit Zip review

The Original Fitbit came out a few years ago when there was very little movement trackers on the market, Back then wearable movement trackers were uncommon with very little people having them. However now there are various different options for fitness trackers and monitors in all sorts of shapes and sizes which help to track movements, calories, heart and sleep and overall aim to improve your help and fitness.


The Fitness Zip is a very small but high tech device which tracks calories burnt, distance and steps. All of this data can then be easily synced to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth which allows you to easily analyse your fitness data, this is something that previous Fitbits could never do.

There is also a free android and Iphone app which can be easily paired with the Fitbit Zip allowing you to access your live fitness data from your smartphone

The device also encourages you to set various different fitness goals, earn badges, view your progress and challenge your friends. I assume you have stumbled across this review because you are interested in purchasing a Fitbit Zip, If so Here is my Fitbit Zip Full Review which will give you a much clearer idea of how the device works and the pros and cons.

Fitbit Zip Specs

Type: Wearable/Pocket/Clip on
Tracking Metrics: Motion, Distance, Steps, Calories
Display: Yes, Monochrome LCD
Battery Life: Up to 180 Days
Water Resistant: Yes, Up to 1M.
Bluetooth: Yes
Rechargeable Battery: No
Compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac, IOS

How Does the Fitbit Zip Work?

The Fitbit Zip is a wireless activity tracker which uses a 3 avis accelerometer to track your motions. The device can be easily clipped to a belt or pocket making it easy to track your movements and motions.

By Analyzing this data the Fitbit zip provides detailed information and statistics around your patterns of movement, steps taken, calories burned and distance.

Price of the Fitbit Zip

The Fitness Zip is only $59.95 which can be purchased here.

Fitbit Zip Pros

  • The Fitbit Zip can be easily synced with the Computer and over 150 Different Smartphones.
  • Affordable.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Can be easily paired with the Fitbit app, allowing you to see and analyse your live fitness data from your smartphone.
  • Has a Long Battery Life
  • Very Small and Compact, Can be easily clipped your pocket or belt without being Visible.

Fitbit Zip Cons

  • Doesn’t measure sleep.
  • Doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, although the product has a long battery life you will need to replace the battery once run out.
  • Can be lost easily.
  • Doesn’t measure heart rate.
  • No Notifications or way of listening to music.
  • Needs to be clipped on instead of having it round your wrist, meaning it could potentially fall off.

Who’s the Fitbit Zip Aimed at?

The Fitbit Zip is like a advanced pedometer which also tracks your steps, calories burned and distance. All of this data is then synced to your computer, smartphone or Fitbit app. This data can then be analysed, tracked and goals can be set through your Fitbit account.

Therefore The device is aimed at anyone who is looking to increase or track their physical activity and monitor their progress.

Size and Design of Product

The Fitbit Zip is larger than the original Fitbit tracker, weighing 8 grams and measure 1.1 inches tall and 1.4 inches wide, at just 0.38 inches thick. Unlike many other Fitness trackers the Fitbit Zip isn’t a wristband Style fitness tracker instead has a small silicone clip that can be clipped to your belt or pocket. The whole devise is also encased in a silicone sleeve, making it water resistant.

Its important that you make sure the clip is securely tightened when clipping to your belt or pocket so that it doesn’t fall off, however if you are worried about this the device can also be slipped into a tight pocket which will give the same accuracy of results.

Just like the other Fitbits the device comes in various different colours to choose from which are white, charcoal, lime, blue and magenta.

The Fitbit zip is a very simple curved looking device which doesn’t have any physical buttons, Instead the device is just tracker in a silicone case with a small LCD screen, the screen doesn’t have a back light meaning its impossible to read in the dark. Since the device doesn’t have any physical buttons in order to see the various screens you must tap the touch screen.

By Default the screen displays the time as well as a smiley emoji which appears on the screen if you are moving around enough, if the Fitbit feels that you’re starting to get ‘Lazy’ the smiley will change into a face with a sticking out tongue.

What Do others Say About the Fitbit Zip?

Although I have provided you with a Fitbit Zip Full Review, Before deciding weather or not to purchase the product you may be interested in what others have to say about the product, Below are some reviews from real customers who have purchased the Firbit Zip.

Generally I have come across a lot of positive reviews on the Fitbit Zip with many people stating that the product has improved their level of physical activity, I have also tried and tested the product for myself and have to agree that the Fitbit Zip is motivating and has made me more active.


The Fitbit zip is the cheapest option in terms of fitness tracker devices and is a great simple fitness tracker which is affordable and easy to use. If you are looking for a fitness tracker which is able to do all the basics then the Fitness Zip is for you

All the reviews of the Fitbit zip and mainly positive and many people agree that they have increased their physical activity and fitness as a result of purchasing the device. All data collected by the device can be easily synced to your computer or smartphone or alternatively accessed through the Fitbit app on an Iphone or Android Phone. This makes it really easy to review your progress.

On a more personal level I have found the Fitbit Zip to be a very motivating device which encourages you to be more fit and active, you can also connect with your friends through the device and encourage each other through competitions which again is very motivating.

In terms of style the Fitbit Zip is a very small device which can easily be clipped onto you without it being visible, although this is great its important you are careful not to loose the device and ensure you take it off before your clothes are washed.

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