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Fitbit Surge in Depth Review

The Fitbit Surge is the ‘top of the range’ Fitbit which has all of the usual fitness tracking features that the other Fitbits have such as step tracking, distance calories etc.


As well as this the Fitbit surge also includes a built in GPS as well as a heart rate sensor, making it the top of the range Fitbit with the most features. Having built in GPS means that this Fitbit is exceptionally good for runners or cyclists.

As well as this the Fitbit Surge also has a built in music controller which is a big advantage for anyone who enjoys listening to music whilst working out. The Device can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth which then allows you to control your phones music from your Fitbit.

Fitbit Surge Specs

Type: Wristband
Tracking Metrics: Motion, Distance, Steps, Calories, floors climbed, heart-rate, sleep
Display: Monochrome
Battery Life: 168 Hours, Rechargeable
Water Resistant: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Compatibility: Android, IOS, Computer, Microsoft Window Vista
Included Accessories: Wireless sync dongle, USB charging cable

Size and Design of the Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit surge is a band which is designed to be worn on your wrist, the design of the Fitbit surge is very similer to the Fitbit Charge HR, adapting the same textured rubber band with a secure watch like strap.

Although in comparison with the Fitbit Charge HR the Fitbit Surge is much bigger in size, mainly because the screen on the front of the wristband is much bigger. Again there are three watch straps to choose between which range from small (14cm-16cm), large (16cm-19.8cm) and X large (19.8cm-22.6cm) its important to measure your wrist size and get the right sized Fitbit so that it is comfortable to wear.

Although the Fitbit Surge is larger than the other Fitbit’s it is still light weight only weighing about 2.7 ounces therefore it doesn’t weigh down your wrist and you will often forget you are even wearing it.

The Fitbit surge is available in 3 different colours which are Black, Blue and Orange, Although the screen on all three of these Fitbit choices remains black.

The main new feature which differentiates the Fitbit Surge from the other Fitbits is the bigger screen on the top of your wrist band which is 1.26 inches. The bigger screen makes it much easy to view and analyse your fitness data. The screen is constantly on and is touchscreen which is very sensitive therefore you need to be careful not to accidently press through features that you don’t want.

The screen is really clear to read and its easy to view your progress mid workout. The Fitbit Surge also consists of three buttons on the side of the screen, one of these enables exercise tracking and the two buttons on the right hand side of the watch work with the music controller modes as well as acting as action buttons which enable you to start and stop a workout.

Underneath the Fitbit screen you will also see the heart rate sensor which goes against your skin when you are wearing the wrist band this is a small LED light which ‘sees’ the blood pulsing through your wrist which measures your heart rate, however I will go more into this later on in the review. Also underneath the wristband is a charging plug which is where you can plug in the charging cable to charge the device.

Lastly a common question I get asked on Fitbit’s is weather the device is water resistant or not, The Fitbit surge is said to be water resistant up to 5ATM which means the device is fine in the shower or in the rain however isn’t recommended to be used when swimming.

Fitbit Surge Key Features

The Fitbit Surge is the most advanced ‘top of the range’ Fitbit therefore the device tracks all the usual fitness related statistics such as steps, floors climbed, calories. As well as this the surge has all the stats you need to maximise your fitness and training such as a sleep tracker, music control, text notifications and heart rate sensor.

The Fitbit Surge truly has everything you need in order to stay connected and focused on improving and tracking your fitness.

Fitbit Surge Built in GPS

GPS tracking is a completely new feature to the Fitbit range and currently only the Fitbit Surge offers this great Feature. GPS tracking is a great addition to the Fitbit especially if you are mainly using the Fitbit for Running or cycling. The best thing about the Fitbit Surge GPS tracking is that it even works without having to have your phone on you.

GPS allows the Fitbit to map your runs or cycles through Google Maps. This data then generates step by step graphs for elevation, Calories burned, pace as well as heart rate.

This data can then be synced to your smartphone or computer which allows you to easily analyse your entire run on a map, this great for mapping out your future runs.

Fitbit Surge Heart Rate Tracking

Another Key feature to the Fitbit Surge is the ablity to track your heart rate, this is done via a small sensor on the inside of the wristband, this sensor is placed against your skin when you are wearing the wristband, the sensor uses a small LED light which ‘sees’ the blood pulsing through your wrist.

Tracking your heart rate is a great addition to tracking the usual fitness metrics such as calories and steps. Looking at your heart rate stats will also give you a much accurate idea of your overall health and fitness.

Your heart rate appears on the small display screen on the front of the wristband and tells you which one of three heart rate zones you are in.

As well as this the Fitbit Surge also measures your resting heart rarte, which is you heart rate which is when you are calm and confortable. This is best to be measured as soon as you wake up, therefore for the best accuracy you should wear your Fitbit to sleep. Your heart rate should be slowly decreasing as you are getting fitter.

Fitbit Surge Notifications

Another key feature of the Fitbit Surge which differs the Surge from the older Fitbit models is the call and text notifications. The fitbit Surge can be connected with your smartphone via bluetooth which then enables the Fitbit to receive call and text notifications, this makes it easy for you to see who is calling you from your wristband so you don’t have to stop and take your phone out your pocket.

As well as this the device allows you to control the music playing from your phone so again you don’t have to take your phone out your pocket whilst participating in physical activity. You can pause, play and skip songs from the Fitbit device.

Fitbit Surge Sleep Tracking

The Fitbit Surge also has the ablity to track sleep which is automatically performed by the device without you having to even tell it you are planning on sleeping. The sleep tracking can start automatically based on your heart rate and movement.

Tracking your sleep is really interesting as the data shows you exactly how deep of a sleep you are in throughout the night, when you wake up and your sleep duration. However unlike fitness data you can’t act on sleep tracking data, for example you can’t change the way you sleep therefore this is more of a ‘novelty’ feature than a useful feature.

As well as this you can also set a silent vibrating alarm on your Fitbit which wakes you up much more naturally and slowly than a noisy alarm.

Fitbit Surge The App

Just like other Fitbit devices The Fitbit Surge can easily be connected to the Fitbit App via Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded onto most popular smart phones and makes it easy for you to track your fitness and physical activity and make goals. When you download and open the app you will be able to see all your data from the current date, this includes the distance you’ve travelled, steps taken, heart rate, calories burnt, floors climbed and the amount of minutes you have been ‘active’ throughout the day.

You can click onto any of this data in order to see previous data and totals for the current week as well as previous weeks, this data is really useful to analyse as you can see how your fitness is improving over time.

As well as providing data related to your physical activity the app also has other metrics which help you track your health and what you eat. On the app you can create food plans, track what you eat as well as track your weight.

The Fitbit app is really easy to use and makes it really easy to track and analyse your progress.

The Fitbit app also allows you to connect with your friends and family which can help to improve your motivation, you can challenge yourself to beat your goals as well as challenge your friends to participate with you in these challenges as well such as counting the most steps in a day or week. The friends section of the app also allows you to message your friends so you can keep in contact and motivate one another.

Fitbit Surge Battery Life

The Battery life for the Fitbit Surge is really impressive, it is said to last 168 hours which is approximately 7 days. However with the GPS signal enabled and the heart sensor turned on the battery life is likely to drain a bit faster than usual.

Although Compared to other Fitbit gadgets the battery life of the Fitbit Surge lasts considerably longer.

Price of the Fitbit Surge

The price of the Fitbit Surge when this review was written was $199.99.

Buy from amazon.com

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As I have already said earlier on in this review the Fitbit Surge is the ‘top of the range’ Fitbit therefore because of this it is also the most expensive. However if you are serious about improving and tracking your fitness and want to maximise the stats you get out of your fitness tracker then the Fitbit Surge is definitely for you. Although if you are looking for a bit of a cheaper Fitbit which just tracks the Basic fitness metrics then I would recommend that you check out the Fitbit One or the Fitbit Zip.

Fitbit Surge Pros

  • Has a Long Battery life, also being rechargeable
  • GPS, making it a great gadget for cyclists and runners
  • Water Resistant
  • Can be easily paired with the Fitbit app, allowing you to see and analyse your live fitness data from your smartphone.
  • On a Wristband therefore Unlikely that you will Lose the Device
  • Measures all Fitness metrics, giving you a clear picture of your health and fitness
  • Has a music controller built into device
  • Compatibly with smartphone therefore Can receive Text and Call Notifications

Fitbit Surge Cons

  • More expensive than other Fitness tracking devices
  • Design is suited for wearing to the gym however not so much for everyday use
  • More Bulky than the Fitbit Flex


The Fitbit Surge is a great fitness tracking device which tracks all fitness metrics. If you are serious about improving your health and fitness and want to track and analyse your fitness to a greater level then I would highly recommend the Fitbit Surge. Although the device is more pricey than other Fitbits and Fitness devices it is worth the money as long as you think you will use all the features that the device offers you.


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