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Fitbit One Reviews

If you need some motivation to improve your level of fitness and motivation then the Fitbit one may be for you, Fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular and are a great motivational fitness tool. The Fitbit one was realised in October 2012 however after trying various other fitness trackers and fitbits I found that the Fitbit One is still one of the best fitness trackers there is.


The Fitbit one is a small but high Tech device which tracks your steps, sleep and calories. Which are all important factors to living healthier lifestyle, these stats are then displayed on the small screen which informs you of your daily progress. The Fitbit can also be synced to either your computer or smartphone, making it easy to review your progress. The screen also has a small digital flower which either grows or gets smaller based on the amount of recent activity you have participated in.

The Fitbit one is a small device which is designed to be discreet, The device has a clip that you can easily clip to your belt or pocket, Although it also comes with a wristband making it easy to attach to your wrist which is most useful at night when you want to use the device to measure your sleep pattern.

Unlike some of the other Fitbit devices, the Fitbit one has a rechargeable battery which lasts around 10 to 14 days, this battery life is much longer than many of the other fitness trackers on the market and the device can be recharged therefore you won’t have to buy a new battery.

The Fitbit one is a great fitness device which I would highly recommend, if you want more details on the device including the pros and cons then here is my Fitbit One Review.

Fitbit One Specs

Type: Wearable/Clip on/Wristband for Night Use
Tracking Metrics: Motion, Distance, Steps, Calories
Display: Monochrome
Battery Life: 10 to 14 days, Rechargeable
Water Resistant: No
Bluetooth: Yes
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Compatibility: Android, IOS

Size and Design

The Fitbit one is a very similer size to the rest of the Fitbit devices as a small oval shaped device which can also be placed into a silicone cover with a silicone clip which makes it easy to attach to your pocket, belt or clothing.

The device has just one button which when pressing it clicks through the various screens on the device, which include a clock, steps, distance travelled, calories etc. There is also a final screen which shows a digital flower, which is either big or small depending on your recent physical activity, obviously the bigger the flower the better it is.

The exact measurements of the Fitbit one are 0.2 x 0.8 x 2.2 inches and the device weighs just 0.3 ounces therefore the device is very small and lightweight making it easy to attach to you without it being to heavy or viable. The device is also encased in a silicone sleeve.

Compared to some of the other Fitbit’s the Fitbit one comes in fewer colours and is only available in either Black or Burgundy. If you are looking for more colourful Fitbit then check out the Fitbit Zip, as this one is available in 5 different colours.

Fitbit One Key Features

The Fitbit One is an affordable fitness tracking device which tracks the usual fitness metrics such as steps, calories and distance. As well as this the Fitbit One also has a few added features making it a great motivational fitness tracking device.

The Fitbit One enables you to track your overall fitness, which gives you a accurate idea of your overall fitness and allows you to come up with goals in order to improve this. To track your fitness the Fitbit One can be connected to the Fitbit App, which has everything you need on it to analyse your fitness stats. There is more about this later on in the review.

Fitbit One Sleep Tracking

One of the key features of the Fitbit One is the ablity to track sleep this allows you to track how long and how well you have slept. You can also use the Fitbit One to set a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning.

Tracking your sleep is a really interesting feature which compliments tracking the usual Fitness metrics, reviewing your sleep data will show you how deep of a sleep you are in throughout the night, when you wake up and how long you are sleeping for. Although you can’t act on this data and can’t really improve your sleep it is really interesting to analyse.

Fitbit One The App

The Fitbit One can be easily connected to the Fitbit App via bluetooth, Which can be downloaded onto most of the leading smartphones. The Fitbit App makes it really easy to track your fitness and physical activity as well as make goals in order to improve your fitness. Once you download the app and connect your Fitbit up to it you will be able to see and analyse all the data from the current date.

You can click onto any of this data in order to see previous data and totals for the current week as well as previous weeks, this data is really useful to analyse as you can see how your fitness is improving over time.

As well as providing data related to your physical activity the app also has other metrics which help you track your health and what you eat. On the app you can create food plans, track what you eat as well as track your weight.

The Fitbit app is really easy to use and makes it really easy to track and analyse your progress.

The Fitbit app also allows you to connect with your friends and family which can help to improve your motivation, you can challenge yourself to beat your goals as well as challenge your friends to participate with you in these challenges as well such as counting the most steps in a day or week. The friends section of the app also allows you to message your friends so you can keep in contact and motivate one another.

Fitbit One Battery Life

The Battery Life of the Fitbit One lasts approximately 10-14 days which is a really long time compared to most of the other Fitbit’s in the range, however this does depend on how much you use the device.

The Battery for the Fitbit One is also rechargeable and only takes about 2 hours to recharge.

Price of the Fitbit One

The Price of the Fitness One when this review was written was $99.95.

The Fitbit One is one of the cheapest most affordable Fitbit’s in the range, The gadget tracks all the basic Fitness tracking metrics therefore it is a great device if you are just getting started with tracking and improving your physical activity. If you are looking for something even more affordable than the Fitbit One then you should check out the Fitbit Zip. Alternatively if you are looking for a Fitbit which tracks even more features then I would recommend that you check out the Fitbit Surge or Fitbit Charge HR.

Fitbit One Pros

  • The Fitbit One can be easily synced to a computer.
  • Affordable
  • Lets you connect with Friends and Family
  • Can be easily paired with the Fitbit app, allowing you to see and analyse your live fitness data from your smartphone.
  • Has a Long Battery Life with it being rechargeable.
  • Very Small and Compact, Can be easily clipped to your pocked or belt without it being visable.
  • Also Measure Sleep, which some other Fitbit’s or Fitness trackers don’t have the ablitity to do.
  • List item

Fitbit One Cons

  • Small Device therefore Can be lost or misplaced easily
  • Doesn’t measure heart rate.
  • No Notifications or way of listening to music.
  • Needs to be clipped on instead of having it round your wrist, meaning it could potentially fall off.
  • Sleep graph that it provides can be difficult to navigate.
  • Lacks some futures that other Fitness trackers have such as the ability to track cycling.


The Fitbit One is a great motivational fitness tracker which allows you to view and analyse all your fitness progress, With this data its easy to set out goals and measure your fitness over period of time. The Fitbit one is a small but high tech device therefore its really easy to just clip to your clothes without it being visible, the device is also really easy to navigate with just one button that flicks through all the screens.

Many of the Fitbit One reviews are positive and a lot of people have agreed that the device has had a positive impact on their level of physical activity and fitness.

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