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Fitbit Charge Review

The Fitbit Charge is a wristband fitness activity tracker, which tracks your steps, distance, calories, floors climbed and active miniutes. As well as this the wristband allows you to stay connected whilst working out with real time fitness stats as well as caller ID on the wristband screen.


Another key feature of the Fitbit Charge is that it also automatically monitors your sleep so that you can anaylse your sleep pattern and how deep of a sleep you are in. The device also lets you set a silent vibrating alarm which wakes you up much more slowly than a normal alarm.

The Fitbit Charge is very much like the Fitbit Charge HR however much more affordable with the only real difference being that the Fitbit Charge HR also has the ablity to track your heart rate through a sensor which is on the inside of the wristband. If you are looking to track your heart rate as well as the usual fitness metrics and are willing to spend a bit more money then I would recommend that you check out my Fitbit Charge HR Review.

Fitbit Charge HR Specs

Type: Wristband
Tracking Metrics: Motion, Distance, Steps, Calories, floors climbed, sleep
Display: Monochrome
Battery Life: 168 Hours, Rechargeable
Water Resistant: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Compatibility: Android, IOS, Computer
Included Accessories: Wireless sync dongle, USB charging cable

Size and Design of the Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge is very similar in design to the Fitbit Flex however the width of the band is slightly larger and the Fitbit Charge also features a screen on the front of the wrist band, the gadget still has the same steel watch strap to tighten the Fitbit to your wrist. Just like some of the other Fitbit wristbands the Charge comes in three different sizes, Small (5.5-6.5 inches), Large (6.5-7.7 inches) and Extra Large (7.7-8.9 inches) Its important that you measure your wrist and order the right size as this will improve the comfort of wearing the wristband.

The Fitbit charge is also really lightweight, only weighing 0.8 ounces therefore this can be comfortably worn on your wrist without it being to obvious or heavy.

The Fitbit Charge is available in three different colours which are Slate, Black and Plum, the screen of the device also matches your chosen colour.

The Fitbit Charge is water resistant however only to 33ft therefore its not designed for deep swimming however its absolutely fine to be worn in the shower or when it is raining.

Fitbit Charge Caller ID

Another key feature of the Fitbit Charge is the caller ID feature which is surprisingly really useful. The Fitbit Charge can be connected with your smartphone via bluetooth which enables the Fitbit to know when you are getting a phone call from your phone. The Fitbit will buzz when it knows you are getting a phone call and the name of the caller will appear on the small screen on the Fitbit.

This feature makes it really easy to check who is calling you when participating in fitness activity without having to take your phone out your pocket.

Fitbit Charge Sleep Tracking

One of the key features of the Fitbit charge is the ablity to track sleep, The device automatically starts to monitor your sleep based on your lack of movement. The Fitbit charge then tracks exactly how long you sleep, how well you sleep and the points which you wake up throughout the night. All of this data can be analysed from the Fitbit app.

As well as monitoring your sleep the Fitbit charge also enables you to set a silent vibrating alarm which wakes you up much more ‘gently’ than a normal alarm.

Fitbit Charge The App

The Fitbit Charge HR Can easily be connected to the Fitbit App via Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded onto most leading smart phones and makes it easy for you to track your fitness and physical activity and make goals. When you download and open the app you will be able to see all your data from the current date, this includes the distance you’ve travelled, steps taken, heart rate, calories burnt, floors climbed and the amount of minutes you have been ‘active’ throughout the day.

You can click onto any of this data in order to see previous data and totals for the current week as well as previous weeks, this data is really useful to analyse as you can see how your fitness is improving over time.

As well as providing data related to your physical activity the app also has other metrics which help you track your health and what you eat. On the app you can create food plans, track what you eat as well as track your weight.

The Fitbit app is really easy to use and makes it really easy to track and analyse your progress.

The Fitbit app also allows you to connect with your friends and family which can help to improve your motivation, you can challenge yourself to beat your goals as well as challenge your friends to participate with you in these challenges as well such as counting the most steps in a day or week. The friends section of the app also allows you to message your friends so you can keep in contact and motivate one another.

Fitbit Charge Battery Life

The Battery life of the Fitbit Charge is 168 hours which is approximately 7 days, however this does depend on how much you are using the Fitbit. The battery for the Fitbit Charge is also rechargable and only takes around 2 hours to recharge which isn’t long at all.

Price of the Fitbit Charge

The price of the Fitbit Charge when this review was written was $129.95.

Fitbit Charge Pros

  • Can be Easily Synced to a Computer or Smartphone
  • Affordable
  • Lets you connect with Friends and Family
  • Can be easily paired with the Fitbit app, allowing you to see and analyse your live fitness data from your smartphone.
  • Has a Long Battery Life with it being rechargeable.
  • On a Wristband therefore Unlikely that you will Lose the Device
  • Automatically Monitors Sleep
  • Great device for improving your Fitness Motivation

Fitbit Charge Cons

  • Can’t be used while swimming or in the shower
  • Always visible unless your wearing long sleeves
  • More Bulky and heavy than the Fitbit Flex


The Fitbit Charge is a great fitness tracking device which I would highly recommend. The device is a wristband therefore can be easily worn at all times. The Fitbit Charge tracks all the basic fitness metrics such as steps, calories and distance. The Fitbit Charge is really affordable and worth the money if you are looking to track and improve your fitness and physical activity.


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