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Don’t starve how to take hounds down

Defeating hounds with bees

The way to take down hounds, blue hounds, and fire hounds is to use bees. So you’re in winter and hounds are making that weird noise. Go to the beehive and wait for the hounds to strike. When they do, circle the beehive and eventually the hounds will attack the beehive, when they do help the bees fight the hounds. Help the bees fight the hounds or you’re fighting friends will come to an end. If the bees retreat or fail, fight them yourself by dodging their attacks and hitting them right after.


Use pigman to kill hounds

If you’re living with a bunch of pigman and hounds come to attack, it better not be night because then, your on your own. If you run around the campfire all night then the pigman will come out at dawn trying to kill the hounds. If the hounds are succeeding, help your pig friends to fight those hounds! Use the skill to fight hounds at the last sentence of the bee paragraph.

How to take care of hounds yourself

When you hear their call and it’s the second winter in the world, have these things: 5 tooth traps, tentacle spike, football helmet, and log suite. Put on your gear, and set the traps. When they come, make sure they step on the tooth traps. Dodge their attacks and hit them. They will easily die from the tentacle spike. Reactivate the tooth traps when there’s only a few left. Then they will be all dead if you use the melee, and you have more teeth for tooth traps next time they come.

Type of hounds

  • Fire hound
  • Blue hound

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