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Don’t Starve how to harvest silk and spider queens

How to harvest silk

When you find a spider nest don’t destroy it, go on the sticky spider ground and wait for a spider to come and get you. When he’s chasing you, trap him with a trap, or dodge his attacks and attack him twice then dodge his attacks until he’s dead. Spiders rarely drop silk, they usually drop monster meat and sometimes healing salves. So if there’s silk, collect it and kill one more spider. If you kill all the spiders, then you won’t have any when the nest is way bigger and you can harvest more spiders and silk. The bigger the nest, the more spiders you can harvest.


When spider queens spawn

So awhile in your don’t starve world when the spider nest is very big or at the biggest size a spider queen will just pop out of the nest making it to the small size again and the spider queen will start spawning spiders.

How to kill a spider queen

So when they spawn you should have a tentacle spike or a spear and a beehive. So when the bees are out make sure the spider queen is close to the bees and when the bees are attacking the spider queen and when the bees are getting hurt keep hitting the spider queen.

Make sure all the bees don’t die, so the spider queen is distracted by you while the bees try to take a break. You will have to kill the spiders she spawns, unless the bees fight the spiders. Hit the spider queen nonstop when she’s trying to spawn the spiders. The spider queen will eventually die. Collect the head, silk, healing glands, monster meat and the spider eggs.

How to spawn a spider nest

You’ll have to kill the spider queen or break one of the huge spider nests to get spider eggs. Then once you collect it, plant the nest in a safe but not far place. Then destroy the nest the spider queen came from. The reason you want to do that is after a while you’ll have 2 spider queens coming at ya and it won’t be a happy ending. So have at least 2-3 spider nests that are far away and one that’s a safe distance from you. Having the spider nests far away is in case your spider nest plan get’s out of hand.


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