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Don’t starve how to easily sleep through the night with a tent

Here’s the ingredients: 6 silk, 4 twigs, 3 rope and an alchemy engine to craft it. You’ll need a science machine to build an alchemy engine. If you don’t know how to make any of this stuff read what’s below.


WARNING tents will eventually brake

The most important thing you need is silk, you get them from spiders, spider nests and spider queens. Silk is rarely dropped by spiders, spider queen drops them every time they die. Remember, you can capture spiders with traps and you get there remains. When a spider nest is out of spiders and you destroy it you get around 3 silk.

I recommend to not and kill a spider queen

Try to capture spiders in traps. The second thing you need is twigs, you’ll easily find them on saplings. The last thing you’ll need is rope, you need 3 cut grass to make one rope. You will need 3 rope so that is 9 cut grass, don’t use all your grass right away because you’ll need a fire for night.

How to make an alchemy engine

6 gold, 4 boards and 2 cut stone

Gold drops in the big and bulky boulders you mine with a pic axe. Boards you can craft with 4 logs that you get from chopping down trees. Cut stone can be crafted with 3 rocks you get from boulders and rocks you mine with a pic axe. You will be hungry after you sleep in a tent.

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