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Don’t Starve 7 easy ways to hunt rabbits

1) Make sure the rabbit is not close to his hole, then go between the rabbit and his hole and run to the rabbit. The rabbit will run for his hole and will run the other way when he gets close to you. Right before he gets close to you strike and he will get hit and die. The rabbit will stop running when he gets to close to you.


2) Craft a trap (6 cut grass 2 twigs). Then put it right on top of the hole. When the rabbit comes out to look for food, they will get instantly be trapped by the trap. Then you have your rabbit!

3) The rabbit is out of his hole looking for food, get a trap and put it near the rabbit. Chase the rabbit into the trap, then you have your rabbit. Make sure you don’t chase the rabbit towards his hole because if he misses the trap, he will be in his hole for a long time.

4) Right before it’s dusk, go between the rabbit and the hole. When it’s dusk the rabbit will run to you then run away then run back to you constantly, slay the rabbit right before he gets close to you. A good way to hunt rabbits before bedtime!

5) You will have to have nothing heavy on your character to hunt this way. So your desperate for food, and you see a rabbit. Make sure that there’s a little distance from the hole and the rabbit. Go between the hole and the rabbit and chase him away from his hole. You will slowly start gaining on him and when he’s right in front of you slay him and there is the food to survive.

6) If you don’t mind losing some berries or carrots, do this type of hunting. When rabbits are near put a trap down and set berries or carrots for bait, the rabbits will slowly go to the trap and will feed on the berries and the trap does it’s job. Good if you want to hunt more things at once.
7) This way must require patients. Get some berries or carrots and if you see a rabbit put it near the rabbit and it will go for the food. When it starts to eat it, slay it before it eats all your food. This type of hunting has very little resources to go with it.


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