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Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine manufacturing company / organization in Russia

Corona virus vaccine manufacturing company Russia

All the countries are racing to find a vaccine for the deadly Corona virus. Governments are rapidly funding organizations for the development of a vaccine against the virus. Many companies and organizations are continually researching with the help of all the expertise they can, to manufacture a vaccine that can end the pandemic. Though the detailed processes involved with trials can delay the arrival of a vaccine, countries like Russia are on the upfront when it comes to vaccine development against Corona virus. Some of the organizations working on the vaccine are listed below.


List of organizations involved in vaccine development

1.Gamaleya National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology

The organization developed two versions of vaccine against Corona virus which was given approval by Russia for testing, .One of the versions were given to Sechenov University.The trial for the intramuscular administration of the vaccine was carried out at a military hospital by the organization. The details are yet to be concluded.

2.Sechenov University Center for Clinical Research on Medications

The organization was among the first when it came to world ranking to have completed the clinical trials for the vaccine against Corona virus in Russia. The organizations stated that the vaccines effectiveness was evident from the results of the trials conducted .The test also helped the organization to declare the safety of the vaccine. The vaccine was the powder version of the two available formulations which was given authorization for tests in Russia.


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