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Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine manufacturing companies in USA

Corona virus vaccine manufacturing companies USA

With the rising number of Corona cases each day, governments are on the run for putting an end to the Corona virus. As the situation seems to be worsening with the progress of days, the demand for the development of a vaccine against Corona virus continues. Several pharmaceutical companies and scientists are working tirelessly for the development of a vaccine. The situation is no different in developed countries like USA.  Some of the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing vaccine in USA are listed below.


List of companies developing vaccine in USA


With its base at Massachussets in USA, Moderna, the American Biotechnology company has completed two phases of clinical trial on humans of its vaccine  mRNA 1273, and has finalized the protocol for the third phase. The company stated that it has manufactured enough doses for the third phase of trial and the aim of the vaccine is to prevent the Corona virus infection.


From its origins at Pennsylvania, USA, the biotechnology company claims to have developed a vaccine named INO-4800.The INO-4800’s trial results have shown that there is a positive immune response against the Corona virus. The trial is divided into three phases to study its effectiveness as a vaccine. Reports state that the vaccine has been selected as a part of the US government’s warp speed program which aims to produce large quantities of the vaccine for Americans.


The American multinational giant Pfizer based at NewYork has developed a mRNA vaccine which is capable of triggering an immune response when infected with the Corona virus. The trials on human subjects in the US have begun and the vaccine is the product of a partnership with BioNTech which is a German company. The companies plan to advance the multiple versions of the vaccines available after assessing the results of the initial trials.


As a part of the Operation Warp Speed, the IQVIA, an American clinical research company has partnered with the British company Astrazeneca to conduct clinical trials in USA on a large scale. The company plans to obtain clinical information by conducting studies with the help of its Virtual Trial solutions. The company aims to combine traditional systems with telemedicine thereby enabling faster operations.

5.Johnson and Johnson

The company from New Jersey, USA has made efforts to begin the first phase of clinical trials for the vaccine by July 2020.The vaccine was named AD26.Cov2-S, and was originally scheduled for test in the month of September. The purpose of the test is to study the efficacy and the safety of the vaccine and the immune response to Corona virus. The company is to commence its work soon after the approval issues regarding regulations are sorted out. Also the company  has signed deals with the government to produce a large quantity of doses for the population by 2021.



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