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Corona virus (Covid-19) vaccine manufacturing companies in Australia

Corona virus vaccine manufacturing companies Australia 2020

The Corona pandemic has caused widespread global unrest due to the amazing rate at which the infection is spreading all over the world. The spread of infection has continued in spite of the preventive measures taken by individuals and governments all over the world. The preventive measures are proving to be less effective due to the easy to spread nature of the virus. This calls for the development of vaccine which seems to be the only solution to combat this issue. Many companies all over the world are on the run for developing a vaccine. Australia is taking maximum effort for  developing a vaccine and some of the companies working on developing vaccine in Australia are listed below.


List of vaccine development companies developing Covid-19 vaccine in Australia

1. Novavax

Novavax Corona virus vaccine

Novavax is a US bio technology company which lately announced that it had begun tests of Corona virus vaccine on human trials in Australia. The first phase of tests were conducted in Melbourne based on which the second phase were to commence. The results from testing on animals concluded that the drug was effective in low doses. The company stated that it plans to expand the production of the tested vaccine.

2. Vaxine


Vaxine, an Australian biotechnology company developed a vaccine called Covax-19 with the help of researchers from Flinders University. The vaccine was to be tested on human trials in a series of two doses for each. The purpose of the test was to assess the safety of the vaccine and to analyze the immune response to the vaccine. The company states that the test on animals showed results that promised the vaccines effectiveness against Covid. The company also stated that it had used artificial intelligence technology with the help of NIAID

3. Clover Biopharmaceuticals

Clover Biopharmaceuticals

Clover biopharmaceuticals is a Chinese global biotechnology company which developed a vaccine called S-Trimer vaccine. The vaccine was believed to work by producing anti bodies that fight the virus. The company had received permission to conduct human trials in Australia after the successful completion of test on animals


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